Bandwidth Limiting Software Question

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My son works in the service department of a car dealership and they offer their customers free WiFi in their waiting area. They are looking for (cheap) software that will limit the amount of downloading/streaming that their customers can do.

I know software like Net Nanny will control what websites people can see and get to, but they don’t seem to limit the amount of bandwidth users can use. Is there anything out there that I should be looking at that has this functionality? They don’t care about what content their customers are looking at. :dubious:

I don’t know of any software off the top of my head (it exists of course, but it might actually be a bit of a pain to install considering what I assume to be the level of IT infrastructure at car dealership); using a router that has the feature might be the easier route.

Some TP-Link models have this ability.

Normally the wifi router has that ability in its settings, usually in the QOS section

It can be done on the router, if you can find one that has Quality of Service controls.


This is free software. You can install it on a variety of cheap routers.