Bangkok Hotel: 7 Deadly Sins Package

You can find quite a good hotel for US$25 to $40. But you could easily find even more expensive than the Novotel, like the Shangri-La or even The Oriental, where a suite can go for a couple of thousand dollars a night. Threadbare to ultraluxurious, we’ve got it all.

Actually, in the European Middle Ages, it took awhile for the list of deadly sins to be standardized. Different lists competed. So I can’t be too nit-picky about a modern hotel package.

I’m pretty sure that Decadence wasn’t on any of the old lists, but I’d guess that’s because it’s a more modern word. Melancholy was often listed, which I think is just sad. Not only are you miserable, you’re sinful, too.

I don’t see any way that a Melancholy room would fly. And Wrath would end with people breaking the furniture. You can’t blame them for leaving out Wrath.

That would fly with Billy Idol. Almost 20 years ago, he made front-page news here after he totally trashed his luxury suite at the Royal Orchid Sheraton, on the riverfront. And I mean smashed EVERYthing, a la Bob Geldof in Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

When we all know he was a bishop.

Yes, but try telling them he was a bishop and they look at you blankly. What can you do? :stuck_out_tongue: