Bangkok Hotel: 7 Deadly Sins Package

I find this very funny. The Novotel Hotel in Siam Square here in Bangkok, which is actually a very nice hotel, is running a 7 Deadly Sins package. You can choose from among Decadence, Envy, Gluttony, Revenge, Lust, Sloth and Vanity, as you can see on the right side of the page in the link above.

The Novotel has a knack for coming up with unique promotions. This is one of their better ones.

And with the Gluttony package, not only does it list get a Chinese banquet “set course” meal for two, and a round of desserts, and then cheeses and snacks at night, and a full American breakfast buffet in the morning…

…it also mentions the free use of the Fitness Centre and Steam/Sauna room.

Bah, one does not burn off True Gluttony, the lard is the Jiggly Badge of Appetite!

What? Decadence isn’t a deadly sin! And Wrath is missing!

Yeah, well, it’s Thailand. They try. (They still think Santa Claus was a pope.)

Presumably, Decadence, Vanity and Revenge are stand-ins for Greed, Pride and Wrath.

Thanks to the SDMB, when I read about the Sloth package I immediately thought of Spencer Tracey.

I’ll take one of each to-go.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but not that far; decadence often comes from the acquisitiveness of greed, the kind of pride that’s bad enough to be a deadly sin is pretty much vanity, and why take revenge except out of wrath?

At my age, I would go for the Gluttony. Last time I was in Bangkok, I did lust.

[cue whine] NAWWWWWW I have to pick only one??? I thought I got all se7en. [/cw]

Amateurs, I want a vomitorium and seconds!

Lust doesn’t even include a discount package rate on whores. Screw that.

Nice Hotel, but 340 bucks (242 euro) a night? Yikes!

edit: thats for the decadence and envy packages anyway.

$340 doesn’t sound too bad for a room for two people that includes two dinners and cocktails as well. I mean, given that the hotel is first class.

Then again, I’m going based on American prices. I would have thought that you could get even top-notch service for a (comparatively) cut rate price in Thailand.

I’m spoiled I guess, because I can get a week package for that much through my dad. Availability changes regularly, but I can get a 2-3 room suite for 5 days for like 350 bucks and they all tend to be 4 to 5 star hotels.

I was hoping that was part of the package.

Decadence comes with a Thai massage. I guess you can cross your fingers and hope the happy ending isn’t a egg roll.

[Warren Zevon]
I’m well aquainted with
the 7 deadly sins.
I keep a busy schedule,
trying to fit them in…

[/Warren Zevon]

Does it still have the meat market disco in the basement? Color me unsurprised.

That woulbe be CM2 (CM Squared, a play on “Siam Square,” its location.) And yes, as a matter of fact.