Bani-Israel, Judaism & Jews

Bani-Israel, Judaism & Jews

 Originally, before abandoning Islam, Jews were called as Bani Israel, for they were descendants of the Magnificent Prophet, Yaqub's (viz Jacob)  fourth son; Judea or Judæa/Judah/Yahuda (in Greek, Hebrew & Arabic respectively). 
  As the whole humanity generally is addressed in the Holy Qur'an as Bani Adam, sons of Prophet Adam (AS).
  Similarly the Jews as a community were being addressed as 'Bani Israel' before the commission of idolatry of the idol of the golden calf. 
The great Prophet Yaqub (AS) was son of the Prophet Ishaque (AS) and was grandson of the Ab-ul-Anbia, Prophet Ibrahim (AS). 
 Allah Almighty has also bestowed second name as Israel (which means Abd-Allah in Arabic) to Prophet Yaqub (AS) as having been revealed in Holy Qur'an:
           "All food was lawful to the Children of Israel except what Israel [i.e. Yaqub] had made unlawful to himself before the Torah was revealed.” 

(Al Quran 3:93)
There are a number of such consonant names of grand angels and grand prophets: Giebrel, Mikael, Israfel Azrael, Ezekiel and Samuel (AS), for ‘El’ in Hebrew is equellant of Allah in Arabic. The satan; Iblis original name before committing treachery was also Azazel.
Prophet Ibrahim era is; circa, 1812 to 1637 BCE so eras of his sons and grandsons can be considered easily.
This Grand Prophet Ibrahim (AS) aka ‘Father of Prophets’ was forefather of several grand tribes, namely the Ishmaelites, the descendants of Prophet Ismail (AS), Israelites, the descendants of Prophet Yaqub (AS), (whereas according to bibles) of Midianites, the descendants of Midian or Madyan and Edomites, the descendants of Esau, eldest son of Prophet Ishaque (AS).
The Prophet Yaqub (AS) had 12 sons namely; Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Prophet Yousaf (Joseph), Benyamin (Benjamin). and a daughter namely Dinah, as such Prophet Yousaf (AS) was his (AS) 11th son.
And all of them were Muslims as Allah Almighty has revealed;
"Were you present at the time when Yaqub was on the point of death? He asked his children, “Whom will you worship after me?” They all answered, “We will worship the same One Allah Whom you, your forefathers Abraham. Ismail and Ishaque acknowledged as their Allah and to Him we all surrender as Muslims.” (2 :133)
So when Prophet Yaqub’s (AS) family arrived while Prophet Yousaf (AS) was holding high portfolio in Egypt, the number of the family members were about 70 which increased to 600000 in the fourth generation and this was the juncture when Egyptian Pharaohs considered them a threat and therefore they became victims to the inhuman bondage of the Pharaohs in Egypt.
When Pharaohs tyranny upon the Israelites crossed all the limits in Egypt, Allah Almighty chosen Prophet Musa (AS) and his brother Prophet Harun (AS) to liberate Israelites from the barbaric clutches of the Pharaohs slavery.
The Prophet Moses (c. 1391–BCE 1271) was born into a family of Israelites living in Egypt having been enslaved by after the era of Prophet Yousaf (AS).
Therefore Prophet Musa (AS) along with Prophet Harun (AS) under the Divine Commandment made all the necessary arrangement for the exodus.
And being so it was carried out successfully for liberation of the Israelites under the leadership and Prophethood of Prophet Musa (AS) along with Prophet Harun (AS).
Since Israelites were left for wandering for forty years when they by showing historic timidity refused to fight for liberating the promised land of the Cannan.
According to the Bibles, Joshua, became the leader of the Israelite tribes after the demise of Prophet Musa (AS).
Now I come to the point that how Israelites turned as Jews and where the word ‘Jew’ derived from and how the Jews coined the new creed; Judaism.
For, no grammatical relevance could be found between the terms; Judaism and Jews as has been held by world renowned scholars!
This is a question of paramount importance and generally no one knows exactly what’s the basis of the word; Jew, save the high rabbis!
But since Jews are historically the most cunning nation on surface of the earth, hence they have abandon their own research in this regard and the rest of the scholar were/are being not interested in the word: Jew, hence the raison d’être hasn’t come up to surface and the rabbis therefore stood successful to keep the background of the word; Jew in mystery!
This fact is noteworthy that all the Jews might have been Bani Israel, speaking theoretically but all the Bani Israel were not Jews, for neither the whole community of Bani Israel had become Jews nor they all converted to Judaism!
So while Prophet Musa (AS) was in Koh-e-Tor for receiving the Divine Commandments, unfortunately one horrible notorious person; Samiri was also present among the runaway Israelites under the caretaker-ship of the Prophet Harun (AS).
The Samiri was a devil incarnate in the first place, secondly he was jeweler by profession, some have also referred to him as sorcerer.
On the other hand almost all of the escapee Israelites during the exodus had retained the jewellery of Egyptian masters, which were in their custody before the exodus while they were in slavery of the Pharaohs.
So the Israelites, being under the ordeal of the mass exodus they were fed up and had started murmuring of the weighty jewellery, they had been taking along with them. And above all, which were useless for them at least in the circumstances!
The Samiri therefore smelling the rat due to complaining of the weighty jewellery taking with them by the Israelites, his satanic inner being emerged & so by exploiting the absence of Prophet Musa (AS) the Samiri casted all the collected jewellery of Israelites into an idol in the shape of golden calf, which would play havoc in the lives of many in the caravan!
The Samiri kept the golden calf on a mount, announced the same as theirs as well as god of Prophet Musa (AS) and asked people of those escapee tribes to worship.
And as is our Muslims History, every brand of ‘samiri’ does succeed one way or the other. So the Samiri managed in thousands among them who begun worshiping the golden calf despite the active defiance by the Prophet Harun (AS).
The story is long, having been narrated explicitly in the Holy Qur’an, however when the Prophet Musa (AS) returned and witnessed the tragic happening and after having realized the actual facts and conspiracy behind the idolatry, the Prophet Musa (AS) proclaimed all the golden calf worshipers to be killed under the Divine Commandment and which was carried out. Some might have escaped the execution under the guise of hypocrisy one way or the other!
And this was the actual turning point for the birth of an illegitimate nation; the ‘Jews’ derived from the word; jewellery and thus the then Muslim Bani Israel used the term; ‘Jews’ for those Israelites who deserted Islam thence-from and indulged in idolatry.
It means that after committing idolatry of the golden calf by some of the Israelites, the two opposite; (i) ‘Muslim Bani Israel’ and (ii) the ‘Jews Israelites’ were emerged, first community were the Muslims and the second community were the Jews. For no separate creed; Judaism vis-a-vis Islam had yet been coined.
And above all, no relation, whatsoever is possible between the Muslim Judah/Yahuda, the fourth son of Prophet Yaqub (AS) and Judaism, which was woven round about in 2nd century BCE and Judah/Yahuda era was round about 17th century BCE?
On the hand, the break away sect of Muslim Bani Israel; the Jews appeared in the era of the great Prophet Musa (AS) during the exodus c.1391–BCE 1271 and who were followers of Samiri, for there was no conception of Judaism at all. And it is historical fact that the Jews Rabbis coined Judaism in 2nd century BCE, so how the Jews can attribute Judaism or even it’s name to a Muslim; Judah/Yahuda, who is no less than a son of a Magnificent Prophet Yaqub (AS).
It was exclusively a rabbinic phenomenon, carried out about ten centuries after the sad demise of Magnificent Prophet, Musa (AS) that altogether a new term; ‘Judaism’ appeared and which too originally was emerged in the context of a cultural entity, as the Hellenistic Greek ‘iudaismos’ in the 2nd century BCE for the Jewish peoples.
All the Prophets (AS) were admittedly Muslims, for having been assigned by Allah Almighty for Islam and definitely they all (AS) were preaching Islam and nothing else!!!
And this is reason that save Islam all other creeds having been coined by men and their names therefore also have been manmade, e.g. Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism and Sikhism etc.
This way the term; Judaism also appeared centuries later in English to be used to denote the practice of the Jewish creed or polity of the Jews.
This way when the Jews lost and forgot Islam they lost their book; Torah, Ark of Convenant, (viz Tabut-e-Sakinah) and other real relics for the same were lying in Bethel; ‘House of Allah’ aka ‘Al-Beth Al-Maqdis’ in 'Al-Qods Al-Sharif’and which was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar.
In 589 BC, Nebuchadnezzar II laid siege to Jerusalem, (Al Qods Al Sharif) resulting in the destruction of the city and Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa (Al-Beth Al-Maqdis) in 587 BC.
And this way the Jews lost everything and their every relation severed with Islam & Muslims as well as with the Muslims Sacred Emblems.
The Jews who committed idolatry were executed before the Prophet Musa (AS) instantly and thereafter rabbis of the remaining jews woven synthetically a brand new creed; Judaism. Therefore neither the Jews nor the Judaism have anything to do with Prophet Yaqub (AS) or his son Judah/Yahuda. Judaism was exclusively the brainchild of the Jew Rabbis!
And nor the Jews are having anything to do with Al-Beth-Al-Maqdis, for it was constructed as Al-Masjid by the two Magnificent Prophets Kings; Prophet King Daud (AS) and Prophet King Suliman (AS) under the Divine Commandment in circa 970 to 931 BCE, when Judaism had not been conceived yet, let alone its delivery!!!
There is no mention at all of Judaism or Jewish creed in the Allah bestowed Torah! Judaism was crafted by Jew Rabbis round about 1000 years after the sad demise of Prophet Musa (AS).
As all the blood relation of the Final Prophet Mohammad PBUH & all kith & kin in tribe Quraish, who didn’t embrace Islam their relation with Prophet Mohammad PBUH got severed!
Contrarily, companions; Suhaib Rumi (RA), Salman Persian (RA) & so many others got relation with Prophet Mohammad, the moment they embraced Islam!
The composition of nationality in Islam is quite different!
Similarly as the Prophet Noah’s son, Canaan had no relation with Prophet Noah PBUH, wife of Prophet Lot PBUH lost relation with him (AS), likewise Azar, father of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) has lost relation with his son; Prophet Ibrahim (AS).
Now just see what has been coined by the Jew Rabbis in their own so called religious books; in Genesis, 32 -25 they have said:
that Prophet Yaqub (AS) “wrestle with God and overpowers Him.” (Genesis, 32 -25)
If this is the belief of Jews about Allah Almighty and His Prophet, how can they claim descendence of the Prophet Yaqub (AS).
Whether the Samiri and his followers, would have been justified, presume, had they established any nation or a country and to have named it as Musa? (AS).
Similar is case of the title name of Prophet Yaqub; ‘Israel’ (AS), how the cunning Jews, the followers of Judaism, the historically most hostile nation towards Islam and Muslims could name their illegitimately occupied antiIslamic country as Israel???
This is the the worst misnomer on one hand & the worst hypocrisy on the other on the part of Jews!!!
Today suppose, if children of Abi Lahab or Abu Jehel appears and without embracing Islam, would they be allowed to snatch a country illegitimately and name it after the name of any Prophet (AS)?
As a matter of historical fact despite the extraordinary blessings Allah Almighty has showered upon an individual; Azazel (Iblis) and a nation; Israelites, in return, track record of both would show the recurrent and the worst treachery consistently on their part. It won’t be against justice if Jews claim the title as Bani Azazel instead!

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Origin: 1300-1350


Origin: 1125-1175

“Jew” in Hebrew: Yehudi. “Jewelry” in Hebrew: Tachshit.

“Jew” in Arabic: Yahudi. “Jewelry” in Arabic: Mojawharat.

OTOH, it’s a well-known fact that ancient Israelites spoke English. Charlton Heston is my cite.

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