Banishing Blackheads (and etc)

This isn’t exactly a factual question - which is why it isnt in General Questions - but more of a query for opinions. Note that this thread is about vaguely disgusting skin problems, so here’s your warning. :slight_smile:

My nose has a couple problems, among allergies and fractures, there is a little annoyance called blackheads. Evidently my nose has quite large pores, which love to fill up with crap. It’s also oily. Now, I am careful to wash my face well every day, but this does little to clean the actual pores. I have some exfoliation stuff which does a good job of removing the oily layer on top, but doesn’t effect the numerous white/blackheads. Also, the effect only lasts about 3 hours, which makes it impractical to use, obviously.

One of the things I’ve read about this problem is that one should not sqeeze the blackheads out, because it pushes some of it down instead of up, compounding the problem, not to mention that it can expand the pore further. Secondly, I’ve read that pore strips can also cause damage in the long term.

Anyway, my question is this: what is a simple way of reducing this problem? I’m looking for something that I can get off the shelf, not some elaborate facial mask with multiple ingredients. I’d like to avoid going the doctor route for something this minor. What products have helped you, or someone you know? What should I avoid? Lots of websites will explain the condition, but none will recommend a specific product, which makes things difficult.