Pimples? (Kinds gross)

I’m a teen, and like many, I’m prone to being a pimple face… Anyways, when i squeeze parts of my nose (as if popping a pimple), a bunch of tiny white like strands break through the surface of the skin. I’m assuming it’s fat, though I’m not sure. You couldn’t really even see them prior to squeezing. If someone could confirm what they are, that’d be great…Also, how can I prevent this (I’ve cut down on my in take of junk food drastically over the last couple weeks). Thanks.

I also thought it might be dead skin, but I don’t know…

Boy, I don’t know how to prevent it but it is stuff clogging up your pores.

It’s not fat, though. I wish it were that easy.

They’re blackheads, or, if you want to give them the fancy medical name, comedones (pronounced “commy-doh-knees”). In fact, the Latin name comes from “the worm-like shape of the waxy material that can be squeezed from them”. Nice!

And the waxy stuff is hardened sebum, the oil secreted by your skin.

Oh, and by the way, I know you’re probably sick of people telling you not to squeeze them, but it’s really not a good idea. <patronize>When I was your age, I discovered how neat it was to squeeze out these strands of gunk, but in the long run it’s a good way of ending up with ugly enlarged pores on your nose. Do you get the BBC TV programme The Royle Family? Check out Jim’s schnozz - that’s what he did. :eek: </patronize>

Oh, and as for getting rid of them, you might want to try those pore strips you can buy. They seem to be mostly aimed at women, but in my experience it’s blokes that need 'em most.

Thanks! Is there any way to prevent them?

Well, my previous comment was poorly timed :wink:

Anyways, if I do leave them alone, will they go away by themselves? It would seem you’d have to squeeze 'em out to get rif of them.

That’s where the pore strips come in. They’re these little strips of tape. You wet your face and then stick one on your nose. Wait 10 mins for it to dry (during which time you can guarantee the doorbell will ring :rolleyes: ) and then peel it off. Hey presto, loads of gunk will be stuck to the strip. It’s really quite impressive. Have a look in your local pharmacy - I think Neutrogena make them, among other companies.

I’ve never had any luck with those pore strips. They rip off some very superficial junk and that’s it. They’re useless.

Duderdude2, I don’t think you’ll ever be rid of them. I’m 26 years old now and have had blackheads (and those invisible ones you speak of) since my teens. I’ve been on lots of medication for it, but they’re still there. Plenty of people have visible pores or blackheads on the nose. It’s not a huge deal, I think.

Go to a dermatologist if you want. They know more than I do, obviously!

And go to spa and get regular facials. That helps. But pretty much you’re stuck with them–your body is always producing the oil, right?

Pore strips don’t work very well for anyone I know. If anything does come off for me, it’s usually just tiny facial hairs.
Buy some gentle exfoliant, get a facial, see a dermatologist. If you must squeeze, don’t use your nails and disinfect your hands before (and, ugh, after).

Really? They work great for me. I’m left with lots of mini-stalagmites dotted all over the strip, with a few great big plugs of gunk here and there. It’s really satisfying. I find that if I use one every 3 or 4 days, it keeps them at bay quite well. I guess “your mileage may vary” (to use an Americanism I’ve only ever seen on the internet)…

Use a mild cleanser for oily skin, and exfoliate a few times a week to keep dead skin from clogging your pores. Don’t use too many products or ones that over-dry your skin, that will just make your skin produce more oil to over-compensate.

r_k, I agree that it is not good to squeeze, b/c of the risk of scarring or infection, but I have never heard that it can actually enlarge your pores. Do you have a cite for this, or is it just a wives’ tale?

No cite, just personal experience. It seems to have left me with a few noticeable, permanently “open” pores. Of course, squeezing might not be the cause, but it can’t have helped…

No big deal, but worth trying to avoid, I guess.

It’s probably not a good thing to squeezxe at your skin constanlty. I dunno if =yopuir pores will enlarge as the wive’s tale says, but I imagine it’s not sanitary to have the wax trails on your face after you wipe them off. After all, bacteria grow in the ssebum and oils to become actual zits.

In any case, see a dermatologist if these things are annoying.