Bank Street Writer... need a screenshot!

Okay, I don’t really need a screen shot of the 1980s word-processing software Bank Street Writer.

But I would love to get my hands on a copy of it for nostalgic reasons. I wrote write a few great projects on dinosaurs in Grade 4 and I’d like to remember what it was like to use that software on my Apple ][e.

All I have now is this damned Windows XP computer with its fancy graphics and sounds and instant comunication with hundreds of millions of people over the “Web”. Bah!

Is it so wrong to want to go back to a simpler life?

You mean you real
ly miss having you
r text look like this
without the dozen
s of font choices a
nd useful things l
ike spell-check, ma
cros and auto-bulle

<sigh> Me too. I have a Word template with black background and green text using the Sydnie font at 18-point. (I’d post a link to the font but I can’t find it for download. Maybe it came with an AppleII emulator I downloaded eons ago.) It’s perfect when I miss those days sitting in the school library, writing programs that I was convinced would revolutionize global communication. I think my proudest achievement was:

30 GOTO 20

And all the kids thought I was so cool…

If you ask on an antique computer newsgroup on Usenet (there are several for different machines) you can probably get a copy, but you will likely need the old hardware to run it.

Astro, I was hoping to find an emulator. Unfortunately, we sold the Apple ][e at a garage sale 10 years ago. I guess I should have hung onto it. I suspect it will be a great collectors item one day…

I couldn’t find the info on Google Groups. I guess I’ll ask…