Need home for vintage Mac stuff

I’m cleaning up several shelves of stuff that has been taking up space unused. It’s all Mac stuff from System 9 and earlier. I have programs, books, fonts, and games. Some are on 3.5 floppies.

The mods have given approval to me asking whether

  1. anyone has information about any early Mac users group to which I could donate the items or
    (2) whether any Dopers who would like to have them free.

I’d like to be able to cover shipping as well, but probably won’t be able to. If you’re interested, let me know and we can work something out, like taking it to the Post Office and finding out what the exact postage would be.

I live in north central Oregon, if that’s a consideration.

I’m going to work up a list which I’ll provide to anyone interested. My e-mail is in my profile.


Did you check around They’ve got mailing lists for different platforms. There’s still a lot of fans of the pre-OS X operating systems and the hardware they ran on.

Could you keep us up to date via this thread? I am in a similar position - I was a Mac developer and have stuff all the way back to Mac 128k days hanging around.

In my experience, it’s typically not too hard to find a home for a 128 (and maybe a 512) because people like them for the historical value. They also don’t take up very much space. Most things beyond that are probably going to be significantly more difficult.

You might be able to donate some of the stuff to the computer history museum in Mountain View California.

If in your items you have a working OS 9 machine you might consider donating it to a local shelter, kids could play the games and/or adults could make resumes or write letters if you toss in a printer.

There’s always the local thrift stores, I like finding treasures in them. My “pet” cause :smiley: is the Humane Society.

From the Apple site, here is a link to the Oregon User Groups. If there is one nearby, you could consider donating your stuff to them, they could raffle it off or give it as door prizes at their meeting.

Appreciate all the suggestions. I don’t have any hardware. My mom ended up with my old G4 dual boot machine when I got my Intel Mac Mini. What I have are some of the things that went on it and its predecessors, including a Quadra.

I’ll try to post a list here this weekend when I get some time to compile one.


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That’s so very sweet of you! I hope your items find a good home.

I actually use my vintage Mac. The company that produced my MIDI software is defunct, and I just haven’t found anything else that works the way I like. It’s tough though. Last year my MIDI translator went bad, and I spent months trying to find one. OTOH, it cost me 5 bucks when I did. I also need a new keyboard and mouse for it.

If you have any of the following, I would be happy to take them off your hands & would pay postage etc:

a) Any version of Timbuktu earlier than Timbuktu Pro 6 but newer than Timbuktu-“BEFORE IT WAS PRO” version 4 —System 6, System 7 compatible era

b) A/UX Unix operating system for 68K macs

c) FileMaker Server 3 on cross-platform installer CD

d) FileMaker 6 Installer CD for macOS or x-plat

e) Connectix Desktop Utilities (CDU)

f) Really really ANCIENT copies of the Remember? calendar & scheduler app, from back when it was a disk accessory instead of a program.

g) Excel version 3 for the Mac

Last year, I sold an ancient Z88, that was launched in 1987!! on Ebay. I got 80 bucks for it. There are collectors for everything.

Come to think of it. I’ve got a really old Mac laptop, from before color. It’s actually in pretty good condition. I love to collect the old machines and software because backward compatibility is always such a problem. One of these days, I should get a pre intel mac so that I can use Photoshop. I am extremely pissed that now that I have a functioning computer, my old version of Photoshop doesn’t work, and I can’t upgrade it.

I have an old Mac SE-30, but I just looked them up on Ebay and they don’t appear to be worth anything. I would like to get my data off of it sometime, though.

Those SE-30s had pretty long legs. Not enough to walk out into the 21st century, but 128 MB of RAM was natively supported and with a 50 MHz '040 accelerator card in them they could hum along pretty nicely. if I did have A/UX that would be a good machine to run it on. (Assuming it’s 32 bit clean, I don’t remember if it is?)

What games do you have? I’m always interested in vintage games, no matter what system they run on. (Although, I’d be particularly interested if it can run on pre-PowerPC Macs[or system 7 or lower].)

Apologies, hit too soon

This is not a trivial task anymore, and getting harder by the minute.
You need to find a machine that has a SCSI interface - I keep a Wallstreet around just for this purpose. Then you need to take the drive out of the SE and put it into a SCSI enclosure. If you really want to do this, you can send me the drive if you can’t find anyone local who can do it.

OK, here’s the inventory. Took me longer than I thought to go through all the packages and sort them out.


[li]Desktop Typography with Quark Xpress, 1998[/li][li]Quark Xpress Tips and Tricks, 2nd Edition for Macintosh and Power Mac. Includes a CD-ROM with AppleScript, Quark XPress 3.3 Demo, Debabelizer Lite LE, Adobe Acrobat 2.0, Adobe Type Manager, Adobe Type Reunion, shareware and freeware, utlities, clipart and AppleScripts.[/li][li]Adobe Photoshop 3 Handbook 1995[/li][li]Photoshop Wow Book: Tips, tricks and techniques for Adobe Photshop 2.5, 1993. Missing attached 3.5 floppy[/li][li]Adobe Photoshop 3 User guide 1994, Tutorial book, Getting Started book, Beyond the Basics book, but no CD[/li][li]Visual Basic 4 Expert Solutions, 1995 missing CD-Rom[/li][li]MacUser Mac and Power Mac Secrets, 3rd Edition, 1996, Missing CD[/li][li]Foundations of Mac Programming, 1995 Includes CD with 15 MB of projects, more thn 50 examples of programs, including 2,400 lines of code, C language source code files for Code Warrior Compilers and Symantec Link C or C++ compilers, and a Hypertext version of the book[/li][li]Visual Basic 5 Certification Exam Guide, with unopened attached CD[/li][li]The Mac 3D Handbook, 3rd Edition, 1999, missing CD[/li][li]Multimedia Strter Kit for Mac, 1997, incudes CD with demo programs, QuickTime extensions and sample projects[/li][li]Power Macintosh Programming Starter Kit, featuring a specil version of Metrowerks Code Warrior. Includes CD. software runs on 680x0 and Power PCs with System 7[/li][li]Code Warrior 6 Manual for Mac, no CD[/li][li]Inside Adobe Photoshop 4, 1997 missing CD[/li][li]NOW utilities users guide no disk[/li][/ul]

[li]Dreamweaver MX, 2004 Education version for Mac, on CD-ROM, System 6.3 or above[/li][li]Deck 3.5 LE, 12 track multitrack audio editor on CD-Rom, for Mac OSX, but also runs on OS 8 and OS 9[/li][li]Concertware music composition and and arrangement software on CD-ROM, works with any MIDI instrument. Can run on Mac System 7 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher[/li][li]Strata Studio Pro 2.5 3-D rendering software on CD ROM. Minimum System 7.6.1, recommend 8.1 or higher[/li][li]Deltagraph Professional for Macintosh, version 2.03a, circa 1991 on four 3.5 floppies. It doesn’t say, but probably System 6 or thereabouts[/li][li]More Ka-Boom, add-on set requiring Ka-Boom 2.0 for System 6[/li][li]Fontmonger 1.5 on 3.5 floppy. This was a program so good, one of the font companies bought it so they could take it off the market. It would convert between Type 1, Type 3 and True Type fonts, and between Windows and Mac fonts. If you had a mixed shop, you could buy, say, the Mac version of the font and make your own PC version, insted of buying it separately. Plus Individual fonts could be edited, letter by letter and character by character to create custom characters or a whole custom fonts, System 6.[/li][li]Aldus Type Twister, a type distortion program for System 6 on two 1.44 mb floppies[/li][li]Add Depth, a program to create 3-D extrusions of fonts and line art that could be rotated in all axes and exported in a number of formats. System 6 minimum, System 7 recommended[/li][li]Broderbund Typestyler 2.0, a tremendous type manipulation program with stretch, twist, bend, colors, drop shadows, etc. Amazingly fro System 4.2 or above, on two floppies[/li][li]Symantic Antivirus for the Mac 4.0, System 6.05 or later, on two 1.44 mb floppies[/li][li]Colar Compas fro Praxisoft, for generating colors for use with page layout programs, on floppy[/li][li]More After Dark, 25 add-ons for After Dark screensaver program, on one floppy, which includes Virex-D virus detection software, Lunatic Fringe space game and an updater that upgrades your old After Dark to System 7 compatible[/li][/ul]

[li]Sim Ant CD-ROM, though no book. For System 6 or higher, also wroks on Windows 3.1 or Win 95[/li][li]Diamonds 3-D on CD-ROM, a breakout game where the ball comes toward you, and you have to use your paddle to bat it away from you and breakout the barriers. It doesn’t say what system, but that it will play on a 68030 and has been “accelerated for Power Macintosh”[/li][li]I thought there were more games, but my son took the CDs or floppies with him when he went on his own, leaving me the boxes, and sometimes the manuals. Sorry about that[/li][/ul]

When I bought many of these, I was working at a weekly newspaper, and we had started with Mac SEs to paginate and build ads. We in sales (all three of us) built our own ads, and I bought these fonts personally, so I could do spec ads to catch the clients’ eyes. It worked, too. I took advantages of special font buys, and any promotional deals I could. But I also bought high-end fonts as well. All of the onew below are on floppies. Unless marked 1.44 mb, they have the single slot, and I have no way of telling now whether they are 400 k or 800 k floppies.

[li]Fluent Laser Fonts from Casady and Greene. 79 fonts in both Type 1 and True Type forms on 6 floppies[/li][li]FontBank five bonus fonts fro some deal on a floppy: Burger, Coaster, Lunetta, Business and Graceful[/li][li]Adobe Type Originals sampler on one floppy: Poetica Ornaments, Poetica Chancery II, Blackoad, Juniper and Trajan Regular[/li][li]LaserMaster Designer Dozen on one floppy: Chaucer, mural Script, Vivane, Arsis Regular, Bernhard Fashion, Choco, Columna Solid, Mistral, Kuenstler Script Black, Palette, Rose Round Black, Weiss Round Gothic[/li][li]Photoletter 12. This was a bonus pack I got by buying the 250 font package from FontBank you’ll see below. I had to call them several times to get them to come through because they said the bonus fonts “weren’t ready yet,” though the ad in the trade publication had said nothing about any delay and the 250-font package came through fine. Interestingly enough, the floppy these came on has a handwritten label that says “pre-release,”: Winger, Westerveldt Light, Publicity Gothic, Latin elongated, Prisma Graphic, Bonaparte, Walnetto Casual, Brazilia Bold, Benguiat Laurent, Fourth of July, Deco Geometric, Flair Bold, West Palo Alto.[/li][li]Silver Graphics Fancy Fonts 15 Type 1 on one floppy, copyright 1992: Archer, Archer shadow, Friar Tuck, Jaclytn, Emporia, Key West, Eurobold, Bebop, compute, Toons, Mardi Gras, Sanford, Skinny Dip, Van Rose, Matinee[/li][li]Font Bank 250 display typefasces for Mac an PC on 9 floppies[/li][li]Monotype Fun Fonts - 25 Type 1 on two floppies[/li][li]Adobe Jam Pack - 8 condensed fonts on one 1.44 mb floppy: Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Light, Berthold Garmond Condensed, Bondoni Poster Compressed, ITC Cheltenham Condensed Light, Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed, Berthold Lo Type Medium Condensed, Rockwell Condensed, Runic Condensed[/li][li]Acme Fonts - 54 Type 1 and True tpe fonts onf five 1.44 mb floppies[/li][li]Adobe Value Pack 30 typefaces, inclding scripts, display fonts, txt fonts, and ornaments on three floppies. Somehow, I ended up with two of these sets[/li][li]Adobe Image Club - When the company bought headline and body copy type from Adobe back then (and this was when you paid for every weight and multiple sizes of printer fonts, and a font with all the bits and pieces could run $150-$250), Adobe would give you Font Club credits, which you could use to get additional fonts. We ended up with 6 free ones, each on their own floppy: Cver, Decotura, ITC Grizzly, ITC Anna, LetrasetBalmoral and Daily Tribune[/li][/ul]

After looking through all that, I realize it would cost me a fortune to ship it all out. If somebody wants something, let me know, and I’ll bundle it up, take it to the Post Office and get an exact postage cost for you.

Thanks for your patience and all the good suggestions.


I’d be happy to take Fontmonger off your hands.

I can pay the postage & handling and can cope with floppy disks but would also be fine with diskimages if you are set up to create them. (Got DiskDup + lying around?)