What should I do with my old computer?

I am about two weeks away from purchasing a new iMac. After I buy it and get all my files on it, I’ll be left with the question of what to do with my old iMac. It’s an early 2001 model with a 600 mHz G3 processor and a CD-R drive. I’ve bumped up the RAM to 768 MB. Right now it’s running version 10.3.9 of OS X. It can get bogged down sometimes on complex Web pages or when it has many applications open, but it has never crashed in about three years. The display, however, is a little quirky. Since the day I bought it, the image on the screen has always been a little “crooked”… basically, you can’t see the leaf of the Apple logo in the upper left. This problem is more pronounced if the computer is left off for an extended period of time (which mine rarely is). It also has a large sticker on the side… I’m not sure how easily that would come off.

It looks like all my options essentially boil down to two choices: sell it or donate it. For selling it, the obvious choice is eBay, but I’m not sure I want to deal with the hassle of shipping to some far-off place. I could also try selling it on Craigslist if I wanted a more local buyer. But then the question is, how much could I get for a 5-year-old computer, even one that runs pretty well?

As for donating it, I’m not sure how I go about that… just call up a school district? Call the Salvation Army? If anyone has experience with this, that’d be appreciated. I would love to donate it some place where I’m sure it’ll be put to good use, particularly by children, so the school option is particularly appealing.

I know I could make some cash just by selling it, but that’s not really my main motive here. However, if that’s a lot easier than donating it, I’m willing to consider. Any experiences with either approach are appreciated.

We donated one to a local nursery school where our kids had gone. Someplace like that might be more appreciative of a Mac, since they are less likely to have network considerations.