Is it worth the hassle selling my old G4 tower?

So I have a Mac G4 tower that I bought around the turn of the millennium. I haven’t used it since 2009, but it worked fine up until the day I replaced it. It also has no HD, mostly for privacy and security reasons. It does have the keyboard and mouse and such, though.

Is it worth selling on CraigsList (eBay involves shipping, and for something that heavy I can’t see it as worthwhile), or should I just take it to the local electronics recycler?

5 more years and it’ll be considered vintage! keep it.

or OR it’s not even worth being used as a boat anchor.

You can look at completed listings on eBay with the advanced search feature. The ones that have sold recently tend to be in the 30-40 dollar range and about 30 for shipping.

I’d go to eBay and watch any current listings to see if they sell and for how much.

I’m curious…It has no Hard Disk, so how are you booting this? What privacy and security reasons would cause you to remove a Hard Disk?

By the way, keep the Mac G4, because it will run Mac OS 9 and you can play Power Pete (aka Mighty Mike) on it!

You can run OS 9 on Yosemite with Chubby Bunny.

I would look at donating it my local public school. They can always use computers… even older ones in good working order.

In my experience, old computers are just one step above old tube TVs on the scale of things you cannot get rid of. I’d go ahead and drop if off at your local recycling center, unless you’re willing to leave the thing in the basement for a few decades in the hope that’ll be a classic someday.

He removed the hard drive so that when he gets rid of the computer no one will get access to his old hard drive. The machine probably isn’t in working order now, which means no one wants it.

PC’s is easy, got many IDE hard drives, even SATA ones now.

I keep all SSD’s though. Bawahahahaa

Got a full 98se PC, dual removable HDs, dual CD drives, dual A drives ( 3.5 floppies ) first level flat screen, also have a tube monitor ) speakers color coded, power distribution with swivel for the monitor to go ‘wheeeee’ when it feels perky, big for the time power supply, all the RAM + a bit that 98se can use, full set 3.1 Windows floppies, lots of old floppy based addons, Win 95, 98, 98se CD’s, AOL 3.0 floppies, and CD’s up to 8 or 9 or what ever was the last about 1999.

I figure the great grand kids can have fun with a working system after I am long gone. All to young grand kids to have great grands yet…

Still has the best ‘Tetris’ game edition I have ever used.

::: also, window disks 2000, xp, using mt 7 ones. ::::::

Little guy on island screen saver, I am de packrat… :smiley:

I would check first. Schools need a lot of the same computer so they can move them around and so the kids can move from one to the other with no learning curve. It is also possible that the person who maintains them doesn’t need variety in his/her life. Donees can be pickier than you think, and for good reason.

If I really wanted to get rid of it, I’d donate the thing to a charitable thrift store and take the tax deduction. Might be less money than selling it but a lot easier.

Recycle it. Schools probably won’t take it and it isn’t worth the trouble of selling.

That Mac is awfully old. 350 to 500 Mhz CPU, 10 to 72 gig drive, 64 to 256 meg memory. Need I go on?

I don’t think it can run today’s programs but it’ll make a great Linux box. :slight_smile:

Without a HD it’s virtually junk. Donating it to a school or anything is just going to tick people off.

At best, part it out. You’d be surprised how much you might get for the MB, etc., if sold separately. Go to eBay and check component prices.