Banned from Twitter---for life?

Last week I posted a Tweet as an inside joke from a well known media show. Somehow Twitter decided the content of the joke violated their rules and suspended me.

I appealed, explained the joke, the context of it, and a few days later I was informed my Twitter account was permanently suspended. I contend this was an unfair decision and let Twitter know as such.

I know further attempts to set up an account on the same IP address will fail, as the suspension notice informed me these efforts will fail (I tried they are right). I have been able to set up accounts on different WiFi networks but ultimately my goal is to get back on Twitter using my iPhone, anywhere, everywhere.

Is there a tertiary appeals process? Is there a work around?

I am not willing to get into the details of the violation because that will hijack this thread. I can assure everyone if it makes them feel better I strongly disagree with Twitters decision. Lets move forward with the assumption Twitter made a mistake with the interpretation of their suspension policy.

Can we get a ruling from the mods as to whether telling you how to do this would be against the Board rules?

That question rather surprises me and raises a point of interest for me, as surely there is nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about creating such an account for twitter? I don’t see it myself and not sure why the mods would get involved.

Whatevever about telling the OP about the tertiary appeals process, which presumably would be unobjectionable, I imagine the concern is that telling the OP about a “work-around” which would enable him to frustrate the ban and open the replacement Twitter account that he wants might be seen as advising the OP how to violate the terms of his service agreement with Twitter, under which he has (presumably) has agreed to respect any ban.

What was the joke – that might give us some more insight.

Use a web proxy service to mask your IP.

What was the name of “the well known comedy show”?
I’d hate to think it rhymes with ‘Pimple Whores’…

Refusing to reference the actual content of the tweet makes you seem guilty, to be honest.

Were it an innocent remark and a simple misunderstanding, one would think that sharing it would not be at all difficult.

Pro Nazi? Anti women? Anti Muslim? Pro abortion? Pro child sex? Who would want to help you without ANY idea what you said? It would seem exceedingly foolhardy to do so, in my opinion.

The board rules prohibit discussion of how to commit crimes. I don’t recall there being a rule against helping someone breach a contract.

On a board that takes banning and returning socks very seriously, I suspect the PTB would not look to favorably on this.

I’d love to hear what the original joke the OP made. Partly because I’d love to laugh at the Twits At Twitter for not getting it.

But also because if it were harmless, I think people here would be much more willing to help him out.

Yeah, imagine if the OP were asking how to make a sock account here. Of course, here we’d be able to search and see what the joke had been.

Dammit, I really want to hear what The Line That Got Him Banned was… it’d brighten up a crappy day.

It’s a private company and you’re not owed an account. If they want to ban you because they hate the tie in your profile photo, they can.

Your options are use a proxy or get a new phone.

Moderator Note

We do not allow discussions about ban evasion here. We also do not allow discussions about any method to disguise your IP address.

I don’t know how clearly it is spelled out in the rules, but historically we have closed threads that were related to intentionally violating another web site’s terms of service.

Since there is still plenty of room for legal discussions about this that do not involve things like ban evasion, I will leave this thread open.

You are of course also free to discuss the legalities of the situation.

Fascinating. So no discussion of VPNs at all? Seems like overkill.

And THAT, boys and girls, is why I never wear a tie.

Or provide photos when I create a personal profile on social media sites.

Nor have I joined Twitter.

We have been trying to allow discussions about legal uses of VPNs. We used to not allow any discussions about any sort of method of hiding your IP, but a lot of people use VPNs for legitimate security reasons. We have been trying to allow that.

Moderating this has been difficult, because the exact same technology that is used for legitimate reasons is also used by spammers, socks, and trolls to evade bans, and we don’t want to allow those types of discussions.

VPNs are also commonly used for illegal file sharing, mostly for things like videos, music, and games. As this site is owned by a media company, they take copyright issues very seriously. Similarly, while there are legal uses for torrent software and the software itself is not illegal, discussions about torrents and torrent software are also prohibited here.

The OP isn’t surprising at all.

Yeah, for real, I only wish Twitter would ban MORE Russian heels.

calling you and Omar:

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And meanwhile, what about people banned from the SDMB going to twitter, asking advice on how to get around their ban. Should that be allowed?