Banned Posters Posting

Why is it that posters who are banned are posting? I understand the one-time guest rule, but some posters have repeated postings with the appellation “Banned” under their name. I thought if you were banned you couldn’t post, exept for the above exception.

The “BANNED” title under their name is applied to their past posts. They aren’t posting since being banned.

Banned name!


Ouch! That was painful.

Good work.

I’ve always wondered about that. With respect, are you sure your answer is correct? I certainly don’t know otherwise, but I’ve seen BANNED posters posting “today”. But if you can confirm your answer, I’ll surely believe you.

Someone posts something at 1:00 pm. At 1:10 pm, he’s banned. That 1:00 pm post now shows him as “BANNED,” with a post from today. Happens all the time.

Yep, Early is correct. A title change or a name change is applied to all past posts.

That’s why, for instance, if you say something really stupid or really embarrassaging that you later regret, a name change won’t help: that old post will show up with your new name.