Question for Tuba Diva or Lynn Bodoni

This evening (it is evening here in Tokyo) I have noticed two Banned members posting.

What’s up with that?

Obviously I’m not Tuba or Lynn but Frumious, those people posted those posts prior to being banned tonight. The admins don’t usually remove the posts unless they are blatant advertising or really over the top posts. The banned members cannot post.

Why pretend? they can post under a different name. There’s no real banning going on here.

Not for long

Yes, idiot. It’s true. They wouldn’t ban me for telling the truth, would they? And, since it is true, what possible effect would you like to see? That the un-true is left visible while the truth is erased? Where’s the spirit of fighting ignorance?

Read the Registration Agreement:

Nah…not for telling the truth, but maybe for calling another poster an idiot in ATMB. Socks have a way of showing themselves, and then just get banned again.

This is true, sometimes it takes a little while, but they most always show themselves.
[sub]bdgr is not an idiot, just to set the record straight[sub]

To answer the original query, changes to a user profile reflects in ALL postings made (like the post counts, for instance), so someone could have made a posting a year or two back and it would show “BANNED” under their name when that post was viewed.

And am/pm, your point is?

your humble TubaDiva

Why pretend? they can post under a different name. There’s no real banning going on here.

Now where have I seen that before?


Which part don’t you understand? It seems really strange to talk about banned people not being able to post. The two things are not related. Just look at Esprix’s thread The BBQ Pit > Board of the Banned

He clearly understands that banning does not stop people from posting. It should be obvious, yet we keep seeing people think like Primaflora that “The banned members cannot post.” I was addressing this misconception of Primaflora. I would like Primaflora to see what I and Esprix see, that the banned can and indeed do post.

And as for bdgr being insulted, I believe s/he insulted me more and first, and for no reason I can see except to bait me, or more likely to act like I was being pro-banned. I WAS NOT pro-banned. Esprix sees that they can post, so is he suspect? I don’t think so.

:eek:That second quote was obviously mine, not Tuba’s. I find it’s hard to do multiple quotes.

How did I insult you? I said that banned people cannot post for long. They always get found out, and just get banned again. I maid no comment on you one way or the other. You then call me an idiot, which is against board rules anywhere but the pit, without reason. (I’m a he, by the way).

Jeez, Ampim, you seem to be dead set on preaching your words to the choir. Why don’t you call up Jerry Falwell, and the two of you can go into business together?

I can see it now… “You can’t kill bin Laden, he’ll just come back under a different name! Might as well just let him go on with his attacks!”

Yes, but there’s a difference between killing Bin Laden, and taking away his privelage to terrorize the world under the name and address he currently uses.

People get banned for good and powerful reasons; it is not something that moderators do lightly.

Then they sneak back in under a different email address. And sometimes they escape undetected for a while, but usually they’re pretty easy to spot – sometimes because they come back in whining about why was “Fred” banned when all he did was post a pedophile link… seven or eight times.

Usually, these people are stupid enough that we can find their new identity and ban them pretty quickly. Sometimes it takes us longer. They apparently find great amusement in playing this game. It’s a major pain in the butt for us.

So, if the original question was, can a banned person still come on board (under a new name) and post? The answer is, sadly, yes. But once we have discovered the new identity, it is banned as well. We are trying to ban the person, not just the email-address, but alas, the jerks always try to sneak around it.

Thank you, C K Dexter Haven. That was all I was trying to say.

As well as me, but you still havent answered where I insulted you.

Your comment was clearly a jibe that I was now going to be banned, and became an invitation to others to compare me to Bin Whatsit. If you want to carry this further, take it to the pit. This isn’t the place to argue about what you meant.