Banner Ads

Banner ads have been added to the SDMB for users that are not Member or higher. If you are a Member or higher you’ll also see banner ads if you are not currently logged in to the SDMB. To remove the banner ad display please make sure you’re logged in to the SDMB.



Edit: Effective 11/28/07 a single banner ad at the top of every page will now be displayed to all users.

I was wondering about that, actually. Those adds are a bit naff and coloured and shit, do they really fit in with the overal style?

(I never complained about the Google adds, for the record. They’re suited and as unobtrusive as can be, I guess)

I suppose the next step is adding Context Links to posts.

Banner ads have now been added for all users across the board. I’ve edited my original stickied post of 09/19/07 since it no longer applies.