Barack Obama and John McCain put on the heat in last days of campaign

Barack Obama has issued one last meaningful challenge to John McCain in the closing days of the campaign with a third surprise challenger entering the ring.


Pretty good. Ill bet, sooner or later, it will wind up on snopes.

Video shows Obama and Mcain participating in a dance off.


That was just… creepy.

web video is too laggy on my computer - anyone care to describe what the video is about?

It’s been around for a little while.

The video is a really well-done spoof of a “dance off” (think, uhm…You Got Served) that has real dancers with Obama and McCain’s heads superimposed over their real heads. It’s creepy because for the most part, it looks real.

At the end, Palin (real girl, superimposed head) comes in and shows off her moves and the fellas comment on her “ba-donk-a-donk” :slight_smile:

It’s creepy because in the beginning Obama is talking but his shoulders are moving up and down like a gorilla, and the whole time he’s dancing he has this gigantic smile on his face.