Barack Obama and the "Tighty-Whitey Bomber"

Why did Obama wait three days to say anything at all about this incident on Christmas Day 2009?

Probably so that he had enough information to correctly answer the inevitable questions. We hadn’t yet settled on the Presidential “just make crap up” policy in use today.

Why should anyone care? Has this been bugging you for the last nine years?

I always thought it was “tidy-whitey.”

Nope, but that’s an interesting mondegreen.

Why are you assuming he waited ‘three days’ to say anything? Newspaper articles from the time make it clear that Obama (vacationing at the time in Hawaii) was informed of the incident and spoke with his the security experts, and the White House denounced it as an ‘act of terrorism’, all on the same day. But there was still a lot that was unknown, so waiting a couple of days to get…you know, real information…seems to make sense.

Imagine being bewildered for nine years as to why someone would want to wait to get some concrete information instead of making up bullshit on the spot…

OP, remember: Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and thought a fool, vs speaking up and removing all doubt.

Hi, comrade. I’d answer your question if it wasn’t so easy to question your sincerity in asking it. Do svidania.

Are we doing the time warp again?

Thanks, OP, for making my resume my pining for the Obama administration, the last Age of Sanity before the Age of Stupid superseded it.

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Yes, OP, it’s really weird why Obama did not immediately blame someone, and then insult the media and call Fox News “the enemy of the people”.

Why on earth didn’t Obama blame his political opponents for this, moments after the attack before any facts were known? Isn’t this the way presidents are supposed to act?

Why didn’t Obama make up an insulting nickname for a celebrity right away, and tweet about it?

All these mysteries abound.

Here’s GW Bush’s speech on the evening of 9/11. How dare he fail to mention Al-Qaeda eight full hours after the attack!

Here’s Bush’s speech three days later. How dare he not fail to mention Al Qaeda three days after the attack!

Here’s Bush’s “bullhorn speech” at the WTC site later that same day. How dare he STILL not mention Al Qaeda!

It’s just a jump to the right!
And then a step to the ri-i-i-ight…
Put your hands on your hips,
And then just keep moving right!

Let’s do the time warp again!

Madness takes its toll. :slight_smile: