Barbara Bush, Put down that Appletini™!! (lame Bush-mocking)

I received a campaign email from the Bush Twins, Jenna and Mary-Kate, er, Barbara. Check out the twins signatures. Jenna’s looks pretty normal, but Barbara’s scrawl looks like that of an end-stage alcoholic. Badaa? Your ‘d’ is backwards again, dear! I guess it’s hard to write with a Cosmopolitan in each hand. :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve seen worse, actually. I vaguely recall a National Enquirer gossip hack who made fun of Amy Carter’s cat, Misty.

Amy Carter’s cat could sign its name? :eek:

I find that noteworthy not because it did it poorly, but that it could do it at all. :wink:

That’s not a d, that’s the r stuck onto the back of the b. She does seem to have lost the second r though. Barbaa Bush.

I can’t make fun because mine is worse, sigh.

What would possess GWB to put his daughters’ signatures up on his website? What’s the purpose of that?

Sposta emfasize “fambly.” Gets him da votes of da wimmins, or sump’m.

Badaa Bim, Badaa Bo

is there a category lower than “Lame”?? pitting someone for their signature

Hell, on my signature, you can’t make out much more than the first letter.

(also agree, however, that there’s no particular point in having their sigs appear on the website)

It looks like she was going for “Badass Bush”, but thought better of it midstream.