Ok, as no one wants to pit the Bush girls.. (lame, help improve it)


Who’s stupid ass idea was it to put these two dumb bimbo’s on the stage last night? They were there to introduce their dad who would then introduce their mother. WHAT? Come on!

They can’t even spit a line out without giggling. How old are these two twits? 10-11 years old? WHAT?? 22?! Were those bubbleheads drunk?

My 13 year old daughter could hop on stage and wing a better introduction then those dingbats.

If this is supposed to be a representation of Bush’s family values, these bobbleheads would have been better left in their hotel room catching up on missed episodes of Teletubbies.

From what I’ve seen the media is giving these idiots a break as well. The worse I’ve seen said about them so far is “awkward”. Give me a break. If Chelsea Clinton got on stage and acted like this they would have ripped her a new ass.

Guess they take after dad.

Chelsea didn’t even act like that when she was 13. They tried to rip her a new ass anyway.

What a classy bunch.

Definately the worst speech of the night. Did they even practice the speech beforehand?

And was that baseball game behind Bush a blue screen? It sure looked like one.

I found the transcript, but they didn’t include giggles, smirks or acts like idiot

While I’m at it, what the fuck does this mean?

I guess double vision makes it easy to skip a line or two on the teleprompter


I’m pretty sure it wasn’t their idea. Some people realize that public speaking isn’t there forte (if I’m using that word correctly). Sadly, that doesn’t always get them out of public speaking.

Maybe I’d have to actually hear a clip of it, but reading that speech, the worst thing I could say is that it was really corny, but not oh my god, horrible.

Seven said:

"While I’m at it, what the fuck does this mean?

BARBARA: Take this. I know it’s hard to believe, but our parents’ favorite term of endearment for each other is actually Bushy. And we had a hamster, too. Let’s just say ours didn’t make it.

I guess double vision makes it easy to skip a line or two on the teleprompter."
I don’t recall the exact situation, but I believe there was mention during one of the introductory speeches at the DNC that Kerry had given CPR to a pet hampster. Someone correct me if I have the location wrong, but the twins’ mention of a hampster definitely was a sassy rebuttal of that. The mention of nicknames is a similar “rebuttal” to some maudlin thing said about Kerry/Heinz relationship at the DNC, I think. Hope someone has the actual references to post here.

Nice looking girls, no doubt about that. But maybe they should stick to photo-spreads and printed interviews; Televsion does not seem to be the medium that suits them best.

From Alexandra Kerry’s speech to the DNC:

So the hamster rebuttal was, I guess, the best the twins could come up with since they apparently didn’t have a happy childhood memory of their own dad to share. “Daddy drank” isn’t too endearing, I suppose.

Oh, I don’t know, I could see 'em on TV and doing quite well. You know, in movies I shot. In my bedroom.

(Is it wrong of me to want to cornhole 'em while saying things like, “John Kennedy was a great President. Pot should be legal. Solar power is good for America.”? )

Jenna looks waaaayyyy too much like her mom for me. Almost like her face aged twice as fast as the rest of her body. :eek:

And Tuckerfan, I’ll check with Alan Keyes (my personal walkin’ moral compass, but I think that is indeed wrong. :wink:

The worst thing was that their speech was inauthentic: it sounded like something that a 50 year old man would say to a bunch of high school kids in a desperate attempt to seem hip.

Given that Bush preaches strong moral values and parenting, it’s hard not to see him as a giant hypocrite. The Bush daughters spent college in a beery, pot sampling haze punctuated by the occasional nudist party. Apparently, this sort of thing is only bad when Democrats or poor people do it.

If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Linkity link link?

Is that transcript real?



I just read the transcript. It’s funny, because I know what all the words mean individually, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of the speech. I have no idea what the
hell they were talking about.

While I agree that the girls were a bit ditsy, I really don’t see how it serves any greater purpose to truly bash them. Their dad’s the asshole; they can’t really help it that they’ve grown up rich, insulated and with all the lesser traits their father and mother have passed along in genes and upbringing.

In other words, IMHO we should leave them alone until they’ve become their own persons – which is clearly a long ways away.

Don’t you have any cousins?