Just say no to Kerry's dumbass daughters!

First off, I am a lefty who is going to vote for Kerry as the (substantially!) lesser of two evils. I thought his speech last night was pretty good, not orgasmically great.

But what the fuck was up with letting those two dogface, stuck up, rich little girls of his spew their ignorant propaganda to the civilized world? “My dad, our dad, our hamster.” Fuck off!

Alexandra Kerry–what class! Here’s a photo of her with visible tits at Cannes. Yeah, as though this horseface is ever going to make it as a major actor.

But let’s start with blondie. Her speech suct. So serious, so earnest, yet so stupid-sounding. I loved how she would make that pointy-finger gesture, as though she was preaching to all us. Actually, her sister did this too. Fine, let’s talk about both of them at once. These chickies have NO IDEA that they are the master mold for richie, over-priviliged Eastern seaboard bitches. They just blabbered and blabbed without any clue as to the effect of their words and manner.

And how are they supposed to function as propaganda dolls, anyway? Hel-LO! Where is their mother? What does she have to say about ol’ John, eh? Probably not a lot of good things.

Sorry, being talked down to by floozies with erect index fingers just gets my goat, I guess. Kerry will be a decent president. Bush needs to go, sure. But spare me any more such crap, k?

Oh, and Theresa looks like a cute little frog. A rich frog, mind you.

Jeez, dude.

Even Coulter and Limbaugh generally wait until a Democrat actually gets elected before they begin taking shots at his children…

I’m not a right-winger. These two were shoved in my face, and I just didn’t like the taste.

Eh, I’d hit it.

From your link:

So, you didn’t like their speeches, therefore you focused the greater part of your rant around your particular response to their appearances? Does that mean that if the Bush girls were really hot (as opposed to acceptably attractive) you’d be switching your vote? Or does it simply mean that you have an inordinate need to publicly ridicule any woman with the temerity to appear in public who does not meet your idiosyncratic perceptions of beauty?

Odd rant, over all.

Didn’t like their speeches, right. The overall manner. They struck me as rich girls who had never been around non-richies long enough to know how to speak normally to regular folks.

And I sure hope the sickening Bush girls don’t preach at the RNC, either. The idea of GWB reproducing makes me want to gag in the first place.

Oh yeah, she’s got plenty to say about him. Most notably that he’s a good man and would make a good president.


Hey man–FUCK YOU! Yeah, you heard me. The daughters’ mother is praising Kerry? They’re fuckin’ divorced, you stupid fuck! I don’t see the mother showing up in Kerry’s “I saved this dude’s life” propaganda movies, do you, motherfucker?

Post a link, you retarded fuck, and I’ll eat these words. Until then, I swear on Jesus’ grave you are the most pathetic fucker that I’ve ever had the displeasure to interact with.

Bon apetit, bitch

If you want to talk about stupid, ugly, petty, incoherent, unpleasant, and unwanted, you don’t need to watch the DNC. The OP has all of that in spades.


It seems to me that what you object to the most is that these two young women, whom I found to be remarkably poised, considering the large audience they were speaking to, are not what you condiser to be attractive. Ideas of beauty are subjective, and you are certainly entitled to find or not find anyone attractive. I suspect you have been mistreated, in your mind, by women of similar upbringing, or who have similar styles. that would account for your venom.

That said–Aeschines, you’re a fucking sexist pig. If you objected to the propaganda nature of the speeches given by Kerry’s daughters–who are not chickies or bitches, you asswipe, but well educated, serious women with careers and goals outside their father’s political career–but you don’t say a fucking word about the fact that two of Kerry’s stepsons made almost identical “Kerry is the greatest guy in the world” speeches. Maybe the Heinz boys were good looking enough for you. Or maybe, you small minded little sperm speck, the fact that they share a gender with you was enough to spare them your derision.

I don’t care a flying fig if you think the speeches about how great of a father Kerry is had no place in the convention, but don’t pretend that’s what you’re pitting. What right do you have to declare that those women are stuck-up bitches based on what you have seen at this convention? And did you come to a similar decision about the Heinz men? They grew up with a hell of a lot more money than the Kerry daughters, so they must be scum-sucking preppy smegheads, right? You are an ignorant throwback to a degenerate time. I’d hope that someday your brain could be as big as your dick, but they’re both so small that I’d doubt it’d make a difference.

Otto–geez, man, I really fuct up. I was wrong. It’s all me, not you. Let’s just be friends. Even though, I need you man. You’re the one who sets me straight.

Hey Miller–fuck you, man! You swine-cock-sucking fucker!

Damn straight. Both of them were fine.

[May 3, 2004 Cover
• Kerry’s Secret Sauce
• Family History: The First Mrs. John Kerry

Now that the first love of Thorne’s life is the presumptive Democratic nominee, her dreams of escaping politics may be dashed for good. Her daughters, with whom she speaks every few days, call her from the campaign trail. Thorne laughs at their stories from the road, and she has told friends that she’s proud her daughters are campaigning for their father. But Vanessa says her mother’s reaction has been more mixed. “The risk of us becoming more public is concerning for her. It’s been a funny balancing act, trying to not make [her] an enigma but also to let her have her own life.”

Thorne remains a Kerry supporter, and sometimes called him after primary wins with her congratulations. Today she and her current husband, an architect, are active in local environmental issues and arts education, and she’s working on a memoir about growing up in Italy. The local paper has discovered her, and slowly, townsfolk are waking up to the fact that they have the former wife of a presidential candidate in their midst. She’s told friends that she’s hopeful that Kerry will win. Just leave her out of it.](http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4825946/site/newsweek/) Will that be with ketchup or mustard?

I find both of his daughters to be quite attractive, well-spoken and amiable. How about a nice big cup of decaf to wash down those words of yours, guy?

First off, fuck you. Thanks. The speeches of the Heinz fuckers were just too short. They were up on screen for, what, five seconds or so apiece? And yes, what fuckers they were, too.

You guyz is asking “catsup or mustard”–yeah, yeah, I had to eat them words. Even though the article said that the poor woman was about to commit suicide in 1980 because of all the–well, just read it.

But neither Heinz nor Ploughman could save my poor burger tonight–it succeeded in committing suicide–in my tummy. Mom’s burgers were seriously burnt! Incompatibility with the new grill. Too much fire.

Dude, when you hit the sewer line, stop digging.
You will not bluster and swear your way out of this.

Maybe it’s that fatty diet of yours that’s making you cranky. The George Foreman grill makes perfect burgers every time, and knocks out the fat!!!