Barista Dopers: How do you crush the ice?

As some of you may know, I’m on a quest to make a decent ice blended mocha at home. I have acquired several recipes. I have a blender. I have even, through the kindness of a friend who journeyed to Iowa this summer, managed to find dark chocolate syrup. However, I have yet to address the Ice Issue.

Dopers who have tried putting ice cubes and liquid into a home blender will know the Ice Issue. No matter how long you blend the darn thing, you always end up with a lump or two. So I’ve started observing baristas, and they use crushed ice. Problem: I don’t have an ice crusher! Tried putting ice cubes in a plastic bag and whacking the hell out of it with a rolling pin; got a combination of lumps and ice chips. Has anyone got a better idea? Would an ice shaver (like for snow cones) work? I saw one at Target and considered getting it.

I swear, there has GOT to be a way to get my mocha fix without paying a coffee shop!

Rob a coffee shop.

If you ask nicely the barista’s at your local coffee shop will probably give you ice. I worked at starbucks for 3 years and would regularly fill up coolers. Just as an aside, the ice they use at starbucks isn’t crushed. It is, however, much smaller than home ice and much more brittle. The blender buzzes it all up without a glitch