Barking Spider, A Smirking But Moronic Little Drooling Bigot (bis)

Well, the old thread died an untimely death, however old cretinous drooling little bigotted moron is at it again. Ergo, with full reference to the older thread:

And now his cretinous bigotry in the following thread:
Should Chirac debate Jean Marie Le Pen?

His idiocy in re Le Pen deserves comment, as does the prior thread, aborted incorrectly IMO insofar as it was about his bigotry and not side issues raised at the time.

Therefore: please dear members dissect our drooling little bigot. I have to be off on a plane so I shall have to forgo the pleasure.

What I especially appreciate about this retarded sponge-brain of a reactionary bigot is his complete inability to take subtle reprimand and his complete failing in getting the point.

Taste this for clarity and smarts (paraphrased except where noted)…

Barking Fucking Spider
Lots of uninformed drivel about Le Pen and then ‘Horray Le Pen hates the Muslims so he’s good for the Jews.’

‘Turdbrain! Le Pen is an anti-Semite…he’s even been sued over trivializing the Holocaust.’

Barking Fucking Spider (verbatim)
‘Um…Why did Le Pen have to go to court for stating his opinion that the Holocaust was a parenthesis in history? Surely people are allowed to express their opinions in that great egalitarian socialist country of France!’

BS: What was your dimwitted fucking point in the first place? Do you know? No? Why will it fail to surprise me when you don’t know.

Ah to hell with it. Will someone pack him up and march him out!

Man, that Collounsbury sure loves to throw the term “bigot” around. I’ll bet he doesn’t even know what it means. (Hint: it aint a racist)

It’s someone with an intolerance for other persons viewpoints. That definition fits Collounsbury perfectly. Anyone who asks questions that don’t fit Collounsburys worldview is attacked by him. The thing is, Collounsbury rarely makes any substantive points in his attacks, he’d rather just use his large vocabulary to cover up his lack of substance.

As far as Sparculees, he’s just a typical European leftwing fascist type bigot. He attacks me when I questioned why someone could go to prison in Europe merely for expressing an opinion.

So BS, you throw out little comments like this and you complain about Collounsbury’s posts lacking in substance?

Then you are corrected in detail about what Le Pen stands for and you apparently have no interest in retracting your completely inaccurate half-assertions like…

And you’re going to say with a straight face that you are the one standing up for truth and substance in this “debate”? Yeah, sure, tell us another one. :rolleyes:

  • Tamerlane

I just thought I’d drop by to say I to loathe people who throw around the word “bigot” when they don’t even realize that through it’s use they’re making themselves bigots as well. I am most bigoted towards these people.

Well, isn’t anti-semitism in France largely pushed by the Muslim immigrants into the country? Yes or no?

Merriam Webster:

Main Entry:1bigot
Pronunciation:bigt, usu -d.+V
Inflected Form:-s
Etymology:Middle French, bigot, hypocrite, from Old French bigot Norman

1 obsolete : HYPOCRITE; especially : a superstitious religious hypocrite
2 : one obstinately and irrationally, often intolerantly, devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion
synonyms see ENTHUSIAST
Main Entry:racism
Inflected Form:-s
Etymology:probably from French racisme, from race + -isme -ism

1 : the assumption that psychocultural traits and capacities are determined by biological race and that races differ decisively from one another which is usually coupled with a belief in the inherent superiority of a particular race and its right to domination over others
2 a : a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles b : a political or social system founded on racism
Educated people expect that reasoned debate will follow rules of logic and civility. I can’t see that such is going on here.

“kay…that’s good BS. You’re trying to set some kind of world record in foolish self-contradicting statements I take it? That’s the second time in two separate threads in less than hour that you propose the creation of the ‘Fascist Left Wing’. Or should I take it that you are claiming the vaguely correct adjective usage of fascist or do you actually claim that this makes sense out of a political perspective?

Mmmmm… Thanks for confirming that “bigot”, and “racist” have 2 different meanings. Also, from those definitions, a bigot need not be a racist, and a racist need not be a bigot.

See, when I merely ask questions, I’m (incorrectly)labeled a “bigot”.

When Collounsbury responds to my question, he’s displaying his close minded bigotry.


A poll commissioned in 1999 showed 31% of respondants though Jews had too much power in France. A whopping 63%, however, thought there were “too many” North Africans in France and 70% were bothered by the presence of non-European foreigners. This poll was challenged as being a somewhat inaccurate snapshot, but the fact remains that French anti-Semitism, like European anti-Semitism generally, has deep roots in certain corners of European society, which helps fuel ultra-nationalist parties with anti-Semitic overtones throughout the continent.

This isn’t to say that France is an “anti-Semitic country” per se, by the way. Just that a bias continues among a minority of the populace.

Is there anti-Jewish sentiment, often of a virulent nature, among some segments of the Muslim populace in France? Yes. But it is far from universal and it is hardly what is driving French anti-Semitism in general. That has been around for a long time. Last I checked, Le Pen wasn’t a Muslim and he most certainly is an anti-Semite.

  • Tamerlane

Thank you for your reasoned response.

I was under the impression that the latest spate of anti-jewish violence in France was largely confined to areas with a high percentage of muslim immigrants.

BTW Before I go get some kip (it’s getting late in Europe) :wink:

Barking Spider,

Define ‘Europe’ and ‘European’… come on I dare you!

BTW Before I go get some kip (it’s getting late in Europe) :wink:

Barking Spider,

Define ‘Europe’ and ‘European’… come on I dare you!

I think that in a Venn diagram that there would be some overlap between a bigot and a racist, so it is possible to be both. Bigotry seems to imply using a double standard to always find one’s denomination superior, while racism seems to look down on all others.

I think that the problem the less liberal members of the board are having (and maybe the lefties too for all I know) is that most board members see the world filled with complex issues not easily resolved by viewing it as either black or white, without color and shades of gray.

I can remember thinking during philosophy classes in college thinking that we had better get beyond this Socrates’ crap of thinking wisdom is knowing how little we know, but I was always more politically inclined than philosophical. Still am.

Typical Collounsbury, of course. Calling someone into the Pit, and then immediately begging off, being too busy and self-important for further response. :rolleyes:

Of course it’s possible to be both bigot and racist.

What I’m saying is that a bigot has a narrow mind, and refused to accept others viewpoints. It doesn’t automaticly mean “racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe”, which is how most people use the term.

Sparculees, I can’t give you a proper definition of the two terms, as I don’t have a dictionary handy. But wouldn’t a “European” be a person who resides in Europe?

Actually one more thing before I sleep,

You seem to have missed a fundamental point in all this Barking Spider it’s not that I find my political conviction (which you BTW have misread completely) superior to yours. This is a little hairy since we are debating something where at least I have the deep conviction that someone else is commiting the fault of placing his rights above others namely Le Pen. You could argue ‘but then you’re no better’. Indeed, who am I too judge, but I think I can justify that if you like, although not now.

Hence, two things strike me as disturbing when debating with you;

a) your completely uninformed and far fetched diatribe that is purely based on conjecture and erroneous conjecture at that

b) the opinions you thereby express indicate that you on the other hand believe that there are inherent dividing lines based on origin, race and creed defining right and wrong that puts some of us in a superior position

I’ll have to agree with DP regarding Socrates and the wisdom of knowing that one has no wisdom. That being said though I think that enough doubt in ones own capacity and conviction to actually look up the facts before one shoots ones mouth off on big issues like these doesn’t hurt.

Not to lend credence to Barking Spider’s political views (a tip: fascist is the antithesis of left wing), but I do have to agree that Collounsbury seems to have a hard-on for wanting to “bust” Spider. After just a couple posts in that thread – which although uninformed and contrary to what I believe, were quite unbigoted – Collounsbury starts yet another Pit thread? And then leaves it to everyone else to do his Pitting, since he won’t even be back to justify himself since he’s heading out of town? Cowardly, Collounsbury…you should know better.

Let’s see… he makes a lot of noise, thinks he smells like roses even though he is as fetid as a corpse belch…

Yeah, I think Barking Spider fits him well.

Christ, people, it’s been like two hours since he started the thread. Collounsbury is not one to avoid a well-deserved Pitting. He’ll be back with the usual compliment of scorn soon enough, I’m sure.

And read my excerpts of BS’s posts in the first linked thread. They’re not all racist, but he displays an amazing enthusiasm for jumping to the defense of racists and their viewpoints. Guilt by self-association, I say.