Barkley on the holodeck

In which episode of STNG did Barkley suffer from holodeck addiction?


“Hollow Pursuits.”

Thanks, pinkfreud!

A friend of mine invented the Barkley character. She hated how perfect the crew was and wanted to introduce some flaws into them.

She’s also about the last person on earth you’d suspect of being a Star Trek writer. I’m not sure if there’s a connection. :confused:

Are we talking:

“Ack…the terrifying transporters smash you to bits and buffer & transmit you…It’s SCARY!”

The dog from Sesame Street?

It’s Barclay, for the record. Barkley was the Round Mound of Rebound.

I thought it was Broccoli.

She’s choppin’ broc-o-lay !!

Choppin’ broc-o-lay !!!

And in a beatiful irony, the perfect characters all warmly nutured and supported the flawed character, just as a perfect person would, and took away his flaws.

Took them away? I don’t know about that. He was always a weenie, wasn’t he?

I liked him as a Sun. As a Rocket, I think he was just chasing a championship.

The hell was it for the CD?

Also available on 8-track!

Give your friend a big snog from me, then, because Barclay is easily my second favourite Trek character (after Picard, natch) and I love how his character undercut the Trek vision of a utopian, logical, confidant future by showing what hell it was for an shy, insecure type. And I loved how he would run off to the holodeck at any opportunity for a bit of cheesy erotica. Hell, who wouldn’t?!

Well he went from being a lieutenant in engineering on the Enterprise to discovering a way to communicate with Voyager all the way across the galaxy, so technically not a weenie.

Did she also send in her recommendation for the actor? Because Dwight Schultz was an inspired choice.