Lamest Star Trek Character?

Don’t mean this to be a pit thread, but was just wondering what Star Trek fanboys(grrls) thought was the lamest series character?

My vote goes to Guinan because she was always so self satisfied and a know-it-all. Hate it!
liked whoopi in Ghost, Color Purple tho

Wesley or Harry Kim. I’m going for Wesley cause he also has the annoying kid going for him.

Wesley Crusher is the alpha and omega of lame.


Yahh, Wesley and Alexander gotta rank up there somewhere. :smack:

Is this just a TNG thread? If not, I’d nominate every single character in Enterprise as being in a dead-heat for the title of Most Lame. There was some seriously rampant lameness in Voyager as well, but one rose so clearly above the rest: Neelix. Deep Space Nine had Kira. It’s always a bad sign when one of a show’s major protagonists is designed to be annoying as shit. Plus, Nana Visitor is an unspeakably horrible name. I know she can’t help it, but let’s face it, she’s just doomed to lameness.

Wesley Crusher is such an easy pick for TNG’s Lamest-of-the-Lame I almost feel bad about the fish-in-a-barrel nature of the target. Well, no, I really don’t do I. Wesley was an attrocity. The only way they could have redeemed that character was to have given him a truly entertaining exit…like, say, a graphic depiction of Wesley being slain in an accident involving food replicators and explosive decompression. Instead he went to flight school. Tragic.

Most of my experiences is with TNG, and I’d say Troi (or even worse, her mother, but AFAIK she was only in one episode and doesn’t count as a “character”).

She was always there to look moderately attractive in her unisex Federation uniform and spout some empathic nonsense to Picard, that, as a master negotiator, he should have already known.

Never did really get the whole Wesley Pile-On. Why does everyone hate him so much?

Hmmm, dunno, she has a bit of counter-lameness built in being Cyd Charisse’s niece (even if by marriage) tho.

If there had been no Wesley, Troi would certainly have been Lamest By Far.

Why hate Wesley? I don’t even know how to answer that. I mean, why hate fatal car accidents? Some things are just self-evidently bad.

agree, for the same reasons I didn’t care for Guinan, but did you ever see The Wicked Lady? Bare-breasted catfight with youngish Faye Dunaway! :cool:

soulmurk, Luwaxana (or however the hell you spell it) Troi was a recurring character.


And I agree with you about the Counselor. Useless.

I think that’s probably true. I guess someone decided it would be cheating if they had a fully psychic crew member, so instead we got Troi, who always “sensed” things that were painfully obvious and too vague to be useful.

She’s an actress. She could’ve gone with a different name if she wanted. (Actually, she kinda did - her real last name is Tucker.)

No votes for Lt. Broccoli (Barkley)?

I hated that guy with a passion. He was easily ten times lamer than Alexander or Wesley ever was.

You mean she picked the name “Visitor”?? Yow.

In that case, I nominate her over her daughter. Ugh. The daughter was useless, but the mother was downright dangerous.

I saw an episode with her where she invites herself onboard the Enterprise during a diplomatic mission; takes it upon herself to befriend and entertain the diplomat; proceeds to fall for said diplomat; and then starts a HUGE, episode spanning ordeal that goes beyond just the Enterprise–because on the diplomat’s home planet, it is traditional that citizens are killed at a certain age, and her boyfriend of three days is just about to reach that age.

She begs and pleads of Picard to not allow this to happen and seeks to impose her personal morality onto an entire planet, just because she has personal feelings for one of its citizens.

God she pissed me off. I don’t even think I managed to finish watching the episode.

Also I seem to remember she hooked up with Lt. Ezri Dax on at least one episode, which has to elevate her over that punk Wes.

I don’t know. If I had to take one of those names, I’d rather be Marley Visitor than Nana [anything]. Together, they’re especially ridiculous.

What?!? Missed that one!

I don’t know, Nana Nanana could be cool for a few minutes.

Was in the sorta alternate reality episode The Emperor’s New Cloak. Was very, touching.