Barry Manilow, stealth creature of the night

Please forgive me, I find this terribly funny.

Yahoo link

Hah. Surprised this has happened before; Manilow wouldn’t have to get very close to a wall to bump into it with his nose.

I read this article on Yahoo and came here to see if had been commented on yet.

There is a god, and she has a warped sense of humor. I won’t stop smiling for a week.

<snort> Great thread title!

love the thread title. stealth creature, ha,ha,ha…

And Barry “Can’t Smile Without You”. :smiley:

I thought the 1st line of mouthbreather’s sig could be applied to Mr. Manilow as well.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. Wonder if he’s gonna have plastic reconstructive surgery to fix his nose so it’s the same old huge ass honker profile as before?
Or maybe this is an excuse for a nose job?
shrugs and wanders off,humming ‘Mandy’


Yes! The thread title made me laugh!

Stealth creature of the night…Hilarious.

Poor Barry.

OK, I wasn’t going to post to this thread and hijack it but I have to know: Why all the hostility towards Mr. Manilow? I don’t care for lots of his stuff myself, but I still find him incredibly talented and studly. (I’ve had the hots for nearly 30 years now.) Barry, I hope your beautiful nose feels better soon. Let me know if you need anything!:wink:

Maybe it’s my suspicious nature, but does anyone else find this story fishy?

I find it both funny and fishy. Though I guess it coulda happened that way.

I think the truth is that he was “eating pretzels” with the president.


Well, I don’t know why you’d say that. Now, if the story had been that Manilow broke his nose in a bar fight, that I’d find fishy.

What happens when Barry Manilow walks into a brick wall while he has a hard-on?

He breaks his nose!!!


I can’t believe no one else trotted out that old chestnut before I did.

I don’t think I have a lot of hostility for Barry. I think this story in the news about anyone would make me giggle, the fact that BM is a schmaltzy cheeseball makes it just a little bit better.

But, I would laugh even if it was an artist that I liked. It’s just such a dipshit thing to do.

If Barry needs corrective rhinoplasty, I hope they save any removed parts and transplant them into Michael Jackson’s thing called a nose.

Good one Duckster! Sort of an equivalent to;

“If Karen Carpenter had just eaten the ham sandwich that Big Mama Cass choked on, they’d both be alive right now.”

You too?

And I thought it was just me. I really do hope he feels better soon and his nose isn’t damaged too badly.

Last summer (July 5) we went to see him in concert during his Ultimate Manilow tour when he stopped in Dallas and I was going just as crazy as the old blue-hairs in the front row when he came out on stage. CG has also bought me Manilow Live on DVD which I’ve watched probably 30 times since he brought it home.
Barry get better soon!WE LURVE YOU!:slight_smile:


Can one be so stealthy that even you can’t find you?

Maybe he was trying to get into character to play Inspector Clouseau in a remake of The Pink Panther.