Bart Sibrel mocked on "The Daily Show"!

Just saw “The Daily Show”; they had a segment on Bart Sibrel, the crazy Moon Hoax guy who was recently punched (not hard enough) by Buzz Aldrin. Sibrel came across as the kind of fatuous prick I expected, and I finally got to see the tape of Aldrin punching him after being called a liar and a thief one time too many. (Nice left, Buzz.)

Then the Daily Show correspondent claimed that Sibrel had faked the tape, and that he’d never been hit! In voice-over, she concluded, “Either this tape is a hoax, or we’re expected to believe that a 72-year-old astronaut took out a 250-pound man with one punch, which would make Sibrel the biggest pussy in the world.”


I was nearly in tears by the end of that segment. Back…and to the left. Back…and to the left.

I think the whole segment was faked! There was cutting back and forth, back and forth. They could have had a completely different conversation. It was like making recordings in Hogan’s Heroes when they needed to get Klink out of a bind.

I’ve got to say that it was just sublime.

God, how I wish I could see that! Damn hoaxer!

Damn! Someone beat me to it! That interview was hilarious. And his reactions, when told that he had obviously ‘faked’ the tape were great. Talkabout someone who can’t take what he dishes out to others!

The interviewer was the same woman who a few years back did a Daily Show interview of Jackie Stallone (yes, Sly and Frank’s mom) when she was doing psychic frenology readings of xeroxes of peoples butts. She is a true comic genius.

Stacy Grenrock is back!!!

I love her. Except now she’s married, so I can never share my love with her.

So sad…

Here is the segment in WMV format:


Thanks for the link Dewey.

That segment was beyond cool. Too bad Nutty McNuttball is probably too ignorant to understand the sarcasm they panned him with.

Sweet Jesus, that was funny!