I'll be on the radio Friday!

Hey Dopers! On Friday May 17 at 11:00 a.m Eastern I’ll be debating notorious Moon Hoax guy Bart Sibrel on the radio. It’s in Vermont, but it’ll be streamed on the web. I have details on my homepage.

This should be fun. I have never debated such a person live, so it’ll be a learning experience for me, no doubt.

So, what are you debating? I’m in Los Angeles, so I’ll have to check it out online.

Will it be archived? I don’t think I’ll be awake early enough to hear it live but it sounds interesting :smiley:

My favorite fallback: for as much time, money and effort as would have been spent on the hoax, we might as well have just gone.

Have fun!

Argh! I lost the connection with a “file not found” message! Did this happen to anyone else?

So, how did it turn out? Did Sibrel finally convince you?



I couldn’t get a conncetion to the server, so it wouldn’t play. Will it be archived?

I think the whole thing went pretty well; Sibrel made a lot of bogus claims and I refuted them, or pointed out where people can go to find more info. I have asked for a tape to make a transcription, but it’ll be a while.

There was a short but spirited discussion of the show on my bulletin board (the show talk starts on the second page of the thread). Take a look; it’s most amusing.

Wow, kickass! I’d certainly love to see a transcript of that show if you ever get a tape. Good value!

I’m a little confused, though. Obviously Sibrel is a crank who seems to like trying to ruin Neil Armstrong’s day, and if I were in Armstrong’s shoes I’d blow him off every chance I get, too. But what if Armstrong were to have taken that oath? How could Bart have used that oath to further his crank theories?

!!! I should have read this earlier!! You’re not in VT are you? I’m a UVM student myself. Who was the DJ?

No, I’m not in Vermont; they called me on the phone. I don’t think I’ve ever been in VT, actually!

Basically, doing anything Sibrel asks could be seen as compliance. Still, IMO Sibrel knew Armstrong wouldn’t go for it, which is why he did it. Now he can claim Armstrong wouldn’t swear.