Barware as a Christmas gift

Does anybody have a suggestion for where to get nice bar type stuff for a gift? I’d like to get someone a nice shot glass for Christmas, but since I don’t drink I don’t really know where to get this sort of stuff. Any other suggestions for gift-ish nice barware for a home bar (he doesn’t have one yet, but he wants one) would be welcome. I’m thinking shot glass, but it’s not set in stone yet.

This place looks pretty cool. Where are you?

I’m in New Mexico, but I have a friend in Chicago who is willing to do a bit of shopping for me if necessary.

What kind of money are you looking to spend? For the most part, shot glasses are utility barware at best, the best ones in my personal collection were all swiped from a bar when I decided I liked the glass that my drink came in. What does your friend like to drink? Believe it or not there are glasses that are better for some drinks than others.

For around $40 you can get sets of laser inscribed glasses that you could put a nice message on (such as “Here’s to Cluricaun!”) so that your person would be reminded of you every time they had a shooter, which is kind of a cool idea. Of course they should say my inscription because I could frankly use more toasts. :wink:

I’m personally fond of the Ultima Thule cordial glasses from iittala.

(I haven’t shopped from the store in the link above; it was just high on the list of search results.)

Crate & Barrel has a nice selection of basic designs:

Williams Sonoma is a step up:

You could order from either of these on-line and they tend to have stores in a lot of locations.