baseball cleaning etiqutte

I wonder if anyone knows the best way to clean a baseball type hat. I have heard of putting your hat into a dishwasher but I have tried that before and ruined the hat, and I don’t think i should try putting on into the clothes washer. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Gentle soap and water and something like a toothbrush.

Don’t use hot water.

Wouldn’t that take forever to do? I guess there isn’t any faster way to clean a baseball type hat. It is the sweat stains that I want to wash off. If anyone wants to make big money you should come up a solution that cleans baseball type hats fast and effortlessly.

I’ve always put mine in the washer, with no obvious ill effects… YMMV.

Somewhere on the web I saw a product for washing caps in the dishwasher.

It was coated wire, in two parts, shaped like a baseball cap. Put the cap inside, clamp it shut, put in dishwasher.

I wanted one, just so I could wear it as a hat.

I guess you don’t remeber the name of this product so I can find it?

I haven’t the slightest idea. It may not have even been on the web, it may have been a printed ad somewhere. Sorry. I really wanted one, too…

Wait, wait! Google is your friend!

Ball Cap Buddy

The link isn’t direct, I’m afraid. Click on their ‘search’ feature and type in ‘ball cap buddy’.


And if you’re an ASU Sun Devils fan…Go to eBay.

We had one of those products postcards mentioned. IIRC it was just called “Cap Washer.” My main problem with it is that I wear my caps with a substantial curve in the bill (i.e. the correct way to wear a cap), and that product did not accomodate for it; I had to smoosh my bill a bit, and it was never the same. :frowning:

I also wear my cap with a nice curve in it. Well maybe I will have to make a million dollars or so and invent my own hat cleaner of some kind. Thanks for all your advice. If you have more ideas just lkeep them coming.

Put the cap in the washer – cold water, gentle cycle.

After the wash cycle is over put the cap in the Ball Cap Buddy/Cap Washer/whatever your local cap store calls it to prevent shrinkage.

Let dry, then re-bend the bill however you like it.

Works for my teenage sons.

Spray the NEW hat with spray starch and/or Scotchgard before wearing…

(good idea for sneakers, too!)

They don’t make ScotchGuard anymore. Very bad for the enviroment.

So I should sell the couple of cans I have of Scotchgard on eBay?

I just checked the 3M company website. They list eleven different Scotchgard products:

(scroll waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down!)

I did that!

I bought one when I was 14, and decided it would be clever to wear it around town.

It was plastic, and uncomfortable as hell…but all of the other 14 year old guys thought I was a god.
Ahhh…good times.