Baseball deaths

Recent baseball deaths for those interested. I’ll be going in backwards chronologically from when I, personally, learned of their passings. They are all major league players unless otherwise noted. I use the term “recent” very liberally.

Dave Henderson died.

Dick Barone died.

Jim O’Toole died.

George Burpo died.

Evelio Hernandez died.

Hal Brown died.

Gus Gil died.

Ramon de los Santos died.

Ken Johnson died.

Willie Royster died.

I’ll add a little to this thread every day.

All are major league players unless otherwise noted.

Lois Sheffield (AAGPBL) died.

Alan Koch died.

Joe Strauss (writer) died.

Phil Pepe (writer) died.

Kerry Dineen died.

Bobby Dews (coach) died.

Jim Stump died.

Carmelo Castillo died.

George Genovesedied.

Tommy Hanson died.

Yogi Berra died

The DA will use this admission to prove premeditation at your trial.

All are major league players unless otherwise noted.

Jane Badini (AAGPBL) died.

Rhoda Linehan (AAGPBL) died.

Carlos Diaz died.

Fred Besanadied.

Eddie Milner died.

Norm Siebern died.

John Tsitouris died.

Gerry Hancock died.

Hal Schacker died.

S. Lee Ross (owner) died.

All are major league players unless otherwise noted.

Jose Herrera died. <— news of his death did not reach researchers until recently

P.J. Carey (coach) died.

Neill Sheridan died.

Dean Chance died.

Ed Sukla died.

Richard Rainwater (owner) died.

Cal Neeman died.

Tom Kelley died.

Walter Young died.

Alex Monchak died.

Omigod! This is worse than the plot to kill alternative doctors!!!

What could be the motive? Was someone tired of hearing their stories? MLB resented paying their pensions?

*a special salute to Dave Henderson, whose photo should be in the dictionary to illustrate the definition of “clutch”.

The good news–the OP was back on this afternoon and hasn’t post more names.

All are major league players unless otherwise noted.

Don Miles died. <— died in 2011, death not known until 2015.

Ian MacDonald (sportswriter) died.

Eileen O’Brien (AAGPBL)died.

Gene Elston (broadcaster) died.

Joaquin Andujardied.

Barney Schultz died.

Randy Wiles died.

Erma Bergmann (AAGPBL)died.

Milo Hamilton (broadcaster) died.

Doc Daugherty died.

Let’s go wayyyyy back to 2010. This is the farthest back I’m going to go.

Keith Drumright:

Gene Hermanski

Nellie King

Joe L. Brown - executive

Satch Davidson - Umpire

Cal McLish

Jake Jacobs

Eddie Phillips

Al LaMacchia

Wayne Twitchell

Don Lang

Ray Coleman

Jimmy McMath

Al Pilarcik

Bob Shaw

Dale Roberts"Dale+Roberts"#3fcfc15c64122211

Joe Lis

Maury Allen (sportswriter)

Valmy Thomas

**Tony Roig

Bill Jennings

Otey Clark

Rudy Rufer

Gene Fodge


Yeah, I’m going from a thread I started on another site and it’s start date was late 2010.

I can’t believe I’ve been this obsessed with people dying for more than five years.

Eddie Milner died? Huh.

Eddie Milner was a player who I wonder if you could replay it from when he was 20 he might not end up in the Hall of Fame. He was very fast, a very good defensive outfielder, and he could hit for contact and didn’t strike out much. His batting averages don’t really make sense in light of his speed and his ability to put the bat on the ball. But the Reds weren’t very good at developing talent then and they took forever to move him through the minor league system.

Don Miles died. <— died in 2011, death not known until 2015.

His career sum total was that he played 8 games for the Dodgers in 1958 and batted .182

Today’s dose of death:

Artie Wilson

Clyde King

**Dave Niehaus **(broadcaster)

Jay Van Noy

George Estock

Sam Holmes (Negro Leaguer)

Ed Kirkpatrick

Hal Bamberger

Danny McDevitt

Tom Underwood

Steve Kuczek

Gil McDougald

Bill Werle

R C Stevens

Art Mahan,0,4510250.story

**George Binks

Cal Emery

Walt Dropo

Your daily dose of the deceased.

Phil Cavarretta

Ken Lehman

Bill Lajoie (general manager)

Steve Boros;_ylt=AtpkQzPLAeREvzbt0Vu4gdMRvLYF?slug=ap-obit-boros

Karl Olson

John Rice (umpire)

Ryne Duren

Dave Sisler

Red Borom

Jose Vidal

Francisco de la Rosa

Roy Hartsfield

Carroll Beringer (coach)

Gus Zernial

George Crowe

Perry Currin

**Ron Piche

Woodie Fryman
Tony Malinosky**

Chuck Tanner

Cliff Dapper

Tony Phillips

Jim Davenport

Marie Ziegler (AAGPBL)

Alice Hoover (AAPGBL)

Gino Cimoli

Joe Frazier (not the boxer)

Buddy Lewis

Butch McCord (Negro Leaguer)|newswell|text|Sports|p

Cecil Kaiser (Negro Leaguer)

Drew Baur (owner)
Spook Jacobs

Greg Goossen

Duke Snider

Mitchell Page

Bill Deck (Negro Leaguer)**

Jose Ortiz

**Frank Dezelan (umpire)

Marty Marion

Tom Dunbar

Bob McNamara

Fred Sanford

Tom McAvoy

Charlie Metro

Bob Rush

Normie Roy

**Lou Gorman (GM)

Tom Silverio

Larry Shepard (manager)

Eddie Joost

**Reno Bertoia

Bobo Osborne

Bill Kinnamon (umpire)

Stanley “Doc” Glenn (Negro Leaguer)

Elmer Carter (Negro Leaguer)

**Emilio Navarro (Negro Leaguer)

Bobby Thompson

Duane Pillette

Mike Krsnich

Dick Walsh (executive)
Bill Bergesch (executive)

**Al Grunwald

Cardell Camper

**Mel Queen

Jim Heise

Jim Pyburn

Carlos Pascual

Paul Splittorff

Eugene Smith (Negro Leaguer)

Bill Harris

Jose Pagan

Jim Northrup

Crazy Schmit, whose promising career was inexplicably cut short after his breakout 2 and 17 season with Cleveland.