Baseball fans: how many stadiums have you visited for a game?

Yes, I’m one of those. My dream is to someday be able to have seen a game in every single city where a major league team exists. I was having a conversation about this with a coworker today, so I figured I’d fire up a poll to see where folks are on this list.

For the purposes of this poll, you may count stadiums that no longer exist, but explaining that in your actual post would be appreciated. I’d like to keep the actual poll portion limited to stadiums where you actually saw an MLB game (or some portion of a game) played. However, in your post, feel free to include related anecdotes.

I meant to note that this is a public poll; I didn’t think anyone would be too shy about where they’ve seen games.

In my case, I’ve caught games at Dodger Stadium, Anaheim Stadium, Qualcomm and Petco in San Diego, AT&T (I never made it to Candlestick, sadly), Chase Field (is that what it’s called, now? I went back when it was the BOB), Wrigley and whatever the Nationals’ park is called. I have high hopes of going to a game in Cleveland this summer.

I also got to take a tour of the older Busch Stadium, but never saw a game there, and I’ve had my picture taken outside of Coors Field. I had tickets to go to the very last game the Nats played at RFK, but my companion was ill and we didn’t make it.

Kingdome, Safeco
Oakland Coliseum
Dodger & the Big A
Jack Murphy
Coors Field
Ballpark in Arlington
Kaufmann & old Busch
Metrodome (will go do Target Field this season, too)
County Stadium & Miller Park
Wrigley & New Comiskey
Tiger Stadium & Commerica
Jacobs Field & GABP
old Yankee & Shea
the Vet
Camden Yards
Turner Field

Back when I didn’t have a grown-up job, I was able to take long driving trips to see different stadiums. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do this in 5 years, and the only stadium I’ve picked up is Kaufmann.

Favorite new: PNC, with Coors, PacBell, and Safeco just behind
Favorite old: Dodger Stadium

I live in Milwaukee and think Miller Park is an embarrassment. It’s hyped up as outdoor baseball, but you’re lucky for the roof to be open before Memorial Day, and even when it is, it still feels like you’re indoors. It also does a nice job of having an identity crisis of not knowing whether it should look to the past (why is it partially based on Ebbets Field?!) or look to the future. I really wish now that County Stadium had been renovated instead for a much lower cost. I’m really glad that Target Field (Twins fan, by the way) is completely forward-looking. I haven’t heard much at all about it being a retro park, which is a fad that should have died in the mid-90s.

I don’t really yearn to see all of the stadiums of all MLB teams, but I have really enjoyed the parks that I have been to. I am trying to include them in the order I was at them.

Here’s my list:
Veteran’s Stadium
Memorial Stadium
Camden Yards
Comiskey Park
Wrigley Field
Dodger Stadium
Jack Murphy Field at Qualcomm
Anaheim Stadium
Candlestick Park
Pac Bell Stadium
Old Yankees Stadium
Citizens Bank Park

I might be hitting Nationals Stadium in April when the Phillies are there. And, when I get back to California I really hope to see a game or two at the new San Diego park.

I haven’t been to that many different parks, but I think I’ve been to a few of the better ones. I went to only one game at Fenway, but the rest of these I’ve been to many times:

Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh
Candlestick Park
Oakland Coliseum
Fenway Park
Camden Yards
PNC Park, Pittsburgh
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia
AT&T Park, SF

Many of mine are gone now:

Candlestick (Giants)
Oakland-Alameda County (A’s)
RFK (D.C.) (Senators)
Wrigley (Cubs)
Memorial (Orioles)
Exhibition (Blue Jays)
Fenway (Red Sox)
Kauffmann (Royals)
Arlington (old) (Rangers)
Mile High (Rockies)
Coors (Rockies)

I expect if I stick in St. Louis long enough, I’ll make it to Busch, but I really don’t care for the Cardinals.

Oops, Frank reminds me I can add Oakland-Alameda to my list.

I said one but after reading the other responses it is two. Qualcomm stadium and Petco Park.

Just the late, very much unlamented Cleveland Stadium for me. I attended a few dozen games there from 1969 to the early '80’s, and worked as a vendor from 1982-87. Never made it to Jacobs Field before I moved to Indiana nine years ago and the park was rebadged as Progressive Field in 2008.

I’ve only seen an MLB game at Bank One ballpark.

Tiger Stadium (Detroit)
Comerica Park (Detroit)
Wrigley Field (Chicago)
US Cellular Field (Chicago)
RFK Stadium (Washington)

Yankee Stadium (old), Shea Stadium, Fenway Park

Yankee Stadium (old)
Jacobs Field
Dodger Stadium
Angel Stadium (pre-renovation)
Coors Field

…and because I don’t believe minor league stadiums were explicitly excluded, I’ll add P&C Stadium and MacArthur Stadium

Padres (Jack Murphy)
Angels (Anaheim Stadium as well as games after the 1998 remodel)
Giants (Candlestick)
Astros (Astrodome)

I’m not counting minor league or spring training stadiums.

I’ve seen MLB games played at the following stadiums:

Yankee Stadium (old)
New Yankee Stadium
Shea Stadium
Fenway Park
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)
Camden Yards
Dodger Stadium

Now if the question were what major league stadiums you’ve seen a baseball game at, I could add these others:

Polo Grounds: I saw the Yankees and Mets play in the Mayor’s Cup some time in the early 1960s, when it was the Mets’ home park.

RFK Stadium: I saw an exhibition game by the Orioles there sometime in the late 1980s. The Nationals played their first few seasons there.

Mile High Stadium: I saw the minor league Denver Bears play a game here back in the late 1970s. The Colorado Rockies played their first few seasons here.

Here in Panama, I’ve seen games at the old stadium in Caledonia, and a couple of championship series games at the new Rod Carew Stadium.

In order of when I was first there:

Comiskey Park (my first MLB game, a Sox/Rangers game when I was 9, in 1974. My second game there was one of the last played there, in September 1990.)
Milwaukee County Stadium (probably went to 7 or 8 games there, including the Brewers/A’s game in 1982 where Rickey Henderson broke the single-season stolen-base record)
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
New Comiskey Park (I was at the first night game played there)
Wrigley Field
Miller Park

So wait, you didn’t go to Wrigley Field until the 90s after growing up near Chicago? Did I read that right?

The Jake
Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Yankee Stadium (Old but rebuilt)
Olympic (Montreal)
Exhibition (Toronto)
U.S. Cellular (Chicago)
Milwaukee County
3 Rivers
PNC Park
Memorial (Baltimore)
Camden Yards

Only five - Riverfront, Oriole Park, the Trop, Fulton County Stadium, and the Metrodome. I could add a few more that I’ve seen football or soccer games in, such as RFK and Memorial Stadium.

Seven, I think.

Cleveland Stadium – my hometown park. Moved away before they built the Jake.
Riverfront Stadium
Busch Stadium the former ('85 World Series!)
Dodgers Stadium
Camden Yards
Nationals Park – my current hometown park.