Baseball Jeopardy

  1. First to do the 40-40.


  1. Carl Yastremski.

4.Record number of no hitters…7

  1. Minnie Minoso

Remember your answer has to be in the form of a question.

  1. Who is Jose Canseco, although Bobby Bonds got screwed out of it by a rainout?

  2. What was the last year that someone accomplished the Triple Crown?

  3. Who was the last player to win the Triple Crown?
    Who holds the record for lowest batting average to win a batting title?

  4. Who is Nolan Ryan?

  5. Who is one of only two players to play in five different decades?

Damn…that was to easy.

You want tough:

  1. Played on both a World Series winner and an NBA Championship Team.

  2. Played his entire career on three teams – all in one city.

  3. Had the longest career under only one manager.

  4. Had the highest single-season batting average for a pitcher (min. 100 plate appearances).

  5. Last player-manager in the major leagues.

I don’t know this one, but are the teams the Dodgers (or rather, the Brooklyn team known by a few names from 1900-40), Giants before San Fran, and Yankees?

Am I missing something, or is this really Pete Rose?

  1. Ainge?
  2. Johnson?
  1. Who was Eddie Collins?

4)Who was Don Newcombe?

  1. Who was Pete Rose?

I’ll get the other two in a while, if no one else does.

  1. Steve Hamilton…NY Yankees, Minnesota Lakers
    Gene Conley…Milwaukee Braves, Boston Celtics

  2. Don Drysdale under Walt Alston.

  3. Jack Brentley

  4. Frank Robinson…Cleveland Indians

  1. Hamilton played for the Lakers in the NBA finals, but they lost to the Celtics that year (ironically, Conley was on the Celtics team that beat him).

You’d think so, but, oddly enough, no.

  1. I’m sorry, Reeder, but it must be phrased in the form of a question. :slight_smile:

  2. Brentley was the NL leader, but not the Major League leader.

  3. Airman is right.

  1. Who was Don Drysdale.

As for *4…are you referring to walter johnson when he hit 440?..If so…he only had 97 at bats.

Johnson was guessed, and he said PA not AB.