Baseball: Only player with WS HRs for 3 different teams?

I caught part of the Giants game on the radio a little while ago. Their trivia question was “who is the only player to hit WS home runs for 3 different teams”?

I wasn’t able to hang around for the answer, and now it is driving me crazy.

They mentioned something about it being a “modern” player… I don’t remember the exact words, but I think they may have also used the words “current generation” of players… not sure if that means active or not.

All I have at this point is that it’s not Rickey.

Hrm… Doesn’t appear to be anyone on the 2002 Giants, either.

It’s Matt Williams.

Matt Williams

'89 Giants
'97 Indians
'01 Diamondbacks

I am having a heck of a time coming up with what “WS” stands for. Halp?

World Series

Ah, thanks!

Being a Cleveland fan, I’m not always up on the latest championship lingo :wink: