Baseball players and the flag on their jersey

What did the Canadian MLB players have on their jersey? Frankly I didn’t think of this 9/11 > [ball games] < playoffs.

They also wore American flags.

If you watch hockey, you will see the coaches wearing the red-white-and-blue ribbon, even the coaches of Canadian teams.

The more relevant fact is that players who weren’t from the US (of which there are many in MLB) also sported American flags.

During the Gulf War, I believe that the NHL players wore UN decals.
However, the present situation isn’t a UN operation.

I don’t really find that more relevant. I very much doubt that the players had any choice (though even if they did, it would be ugly if a player decided not to wear the flag. He’d be hated more than Rocker).

Guess I lost the bet. I bet a friend that Montreal and Toronto wore Canadian flags…

Thx for the info.