Baseball caps - US Olympic team

I could see in an image the other day that the caps worn by the US Olympic baseball team had a small rectangular emblem at the center of the back of the cap.

On major league teams’ caps, this is where the MLB logo is. I know at least one minor league team uses a different logo (a swinging batter with 4 stars).

Does anybody know what emblem was used on the Olympic team’s caps? I couldn’t tell for sure from the image I saw, but it did not appear to be the Olympic rings.

The red and blue rectangular logo with a swinging batter with four stars is the logo of Minor League Professional Baseball, the minor leagues affiliated with Major League Baseball. (There are now a numberof ‘independent’ minor leagues starting up around the country). This logo is equavelent to the MLB logo on big league ball caps (or NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. logos on their respective caps). All licensed caps from the (affiliated) minors should have that logo.

I have no clue what the Olympic logo is.

Wouldn’t it be the logo of the manufacturer? The one that NBC is hawking has a “New Era” logo on it.

The New Era logo is a good guess, BobT but it is in a different place on the cap (near the brim over the wearer’s left temple) and the wrong shape (a stylized “NE” in the form of a banner blowing in the wind).

FWIW, the reason I didn’t take this question to New Era originally was that their web site was wigging out. I finally got through and have e-mailed them. If I get an answer, I’ll post it here.

Which is not to say if you know not to reply. There’s no telling if they will get back to me.

I heard back from the good people at New Era today. The answer is: “The logo on the rear of the cap is similar in size and color to that of the MLB Silhouette. The mark says ‘USA.’”

Mystery solved. Unfortunately for me, the cap is not available in a size to fit my gigantic noggin.