Baseball question

Has anyone ever caught a foul ball/home run at a game?

I came close once when I was a little kid at a Yankees game (I even had a baseball glove with me) but I never was able to snag the best souviner in the world.

No batted ball has ever come within 15 rows of my seat.

I’ve probably caught (well, I think most were made scrambles after bounces) about 3-4 in my life. I went to a lot of baseball games when I was a kid.

Also, I would sometimes arrive a couple hours early for batting practice. I’d position myself at one point of the park along the third base line in left field where a LOT of fouls would end up. I probably snagged another 8 or 9 with that method. In fact, when I was a kid, I used a couple of these actual american league balls to play ball.

I got two in one game once.:slight_smile:

My father made me give one to my brother though…:frowning:
I’ve caught (in the air) probably 10 or so, and gotten 20 more after bouncing.

I’ve been to a lot of games…

Caught a foul ball from Minnie Minoso at an old timers game and caught a homer from Javy Lopez.

In 1989 I got a foul ball off the bat of Ruben Sierra. I was in Cleveland Stadium at the time and there were so few people in the park at the time that the ball rolled dead at my feet and I just picked it up.

Last year, I was close enough to one to have gotten up and caught it…if I hadn’t had a two-year-old on my lap.

Ah well, maybe this year…

I caught one at a Cubs spring training game once, does that count? Also, a friend sitting two seats down from me had one jump out of his hands at a Twins game, and some little bastard grabbed the rebound.

My father and brother once went to an early season game at Shea. It was extremely cold, and after a few innings they moved down to the field level seats, since the crowd was sparse and getting thinner.

Someone hit a foul that landed several feet away from them. Instead of the usual mad scramble, my brother just got up, walked over to where it had landed, and picked it up.

It’s the only time either my father or my brother left a game before the final out. It was just too cold to stay, no matter how die-hard a fan you were.

Chaim, this year you’ll have a three-year-old on your lap. How much of a difference does that make? :confused: But good luck anyway.

Oh yeah - so close.

Paul O’Neill was taking batting practice at Game 5 of the World Series last year (one of the greatest WS games ever, and hot on the heels of game 4, also one of the greatest).

Anyway, Paullie hit one right to me in right field (right over where he himself would have been in the outfield). And…I dropped it. Heck - I didn’t have a mitt, I wasn’t expecting the ball to be hit my way, and the thing was moving fast, even when it got to me - I was completely unprepared and all I got out of it was a sore hand and some boos. But it was still a cool thing.

I caught a foul ball at the Angel opener this year.

Usually I avoid getting close to a ball coming my way, but this time I had to catch it. It was going to hit my 10 year old nephew right on the head and he wasn’t paying attention, so I reached out got it. I was surprised that I didn’t have a bruse on my hand the next day cause gosh that smarted.

The ball was stamped with “Opening Day 2002”.

I didn’t really catch one but a security guard walking in the narrow area between the outfield wall and seats got one and threw it to me. It was a homerun ball during batting practice by either Hensley Muelens or Oscar Azocar of the Yankees about 10 years ago.

Last summer, I took the plane from NJ down to Atlanta just so I can catch a Braves game. Unfortunately, because ESPN wanted to show the game (Braves vs. Mets) at night instead of at 1 as originally scheduled, my whole train schedule got all screwed and I had to pay about $210 for a one way ticket to NY, ugh. Anyway, Maddux was out shagging fly balls during batting practice and he threw them all into the stands but there were too many people : ( I felt like a little kid, I really wanted one from Maddux.

Geez, talk about the right place at the right time – that’s like a once in a lifetime occurance!