My first foul ball! Woohooo!!

For all my 34 years, I’ve been trying for a foul ball. Of all the Pirates games at Three Rivers and Cubs games at Wrigley I’ve been to, I’ve never even really came close. Last night we had great seats at the Portland Seadogs game (AA affiliate of the BoSox). My wife, 4 year old boy and I were in the front row just a hair behind third base - prime foul ball territory. Just about 20 feet from the bag. So prime, in fact, it’s hard to enjoy the game because when your that close to the action you spend 3 hours protecting your family from a potential 120mph foul ball lined at you from a pull hitter. Anyway, the batter hits a foul grounder that bounced back to the third baseman, who proceeded to look in the stands to see who to toss it to. While everyone around me was yelling for it, I was quietly standing there, glove ready for the throw, when he tossed it right to me. Naturally, I gave it to my son, who didn’t seem to believe at first that he could keep it. The look on his face was priceless, and he wouldn’t let go of that ball all night. He spent the next two innings thanking the third baseman. On the way home, he clutched that ball as he slept in the van, and woke up this morning wondering where it was.

OK, so I didn’t make a Sportscenter worthy extension grab of a hot line drive, but it was still cool nonetheless, and it was my, and my son’s, first foul ball.

Any other dopers ever get a foul ball?

No I never caught a foul ball- but just wanted to say congratulations and sweet story!

A few months ago, we were at a Red Baron’s game (AAA Phillies) when a similar situation happened. Third base coach tossed one into the stands, and a guy behind me caught it. He gave it to my 5 year old boy, who, in a moment of gratitude, turned around and hurled it back at the field. :smiley: Now, we were about 12-15 rows up, but he did manage to get it all the way to the first row, where it lightly caromed off an older woman’s back.

Not only did my wife and I trying to crawl under our seats identify the thrower, but his shit-eating grin, laughter, and “Nice arm!” observations throughout the section also helped confirm that my kid threw it.

The woman, who was super nice considering getting hit in the back with an offspeed pitch, smiled as she handed me the ball and requested that we wait until we’re home to let the boy have it.

No. Came close to a ball on two occasions, both at Anaheim Stadium. One was way out in left field when a home run ball came about 4 ft. to my left. I wouldn’t have put my hand in front of that ball for Joe DiMaggio’s autograph.

The other was when my grandson and I were in the second deck about halfway down to first base. A pop foul came up, hit the back of a seat and rolled up within a few feet. Some one else grabbed it before it got to us. Again, why should I chance ruining a perfectly good $100 suit by going for it?

We usually sit down the third base line at Dodger Stadium, so balls have often landed near us. But I’ve never gotten close to catching one. Congrats to your kid and his first keepsake!

That’s awesome. I love how kids get so geeked up over things like that. It’s very refreshing.

:smiley: That’s hilarious, and exactly what I was nervous about in giving the ball to my 4 year old. He watches Cubs games with me and has seen quite few balls get thrown back onto the field.

Long before the days of the Houston Astros, we had a minor league team called the Houston Buffaloes. Farm team for St. Louis, IIRC. Their ballpark was on the Gulf Freeway; Finger’s furniture store is on that property now.

I was an avid ballplayer and on the very few times my dad took me to a Buffs game, I always brought my glove. And I snared one and only one foul ball when I was 11. That ball stayed in a place of honor until I left the house to go to college; my folks threw it out when they sold the house and shoveled out my room prior to moving.

He’s used to my softball games. We’re usually delayed while someone retrieves the back to back home runs our pitcher serves up and puts one of the balls back into play. He doesn’t understand that professional teams bring more than 1 ball each per game.

I caught a batting practice homerun ball hit by Ken Griffey Sr. in the Kingdome many years ago. Later during the game he went to the restroom and while waiting in line, someone grabbed the ball and ran off with it. I complained to security but they didn’t want to do anything. I sent a letter to the Mariners and they sent me a ball signed by both Griffey Sr. and Jr.

In Buffalo we have the AAA Bisons. Years ago they played in the ‘Rockpile’ really it was War Memorial Stadium originally used by the Buffalo Bills. It was an unusual layout for baseball with a short right field. It’s long gone now but you can see it in the movie The Natural with Robert Redford.

Anyways my Dad was a big hefty guy at 6’4" my Mom was in the middle and I was about 12 sitting on the other side. A chop and the ball bounced high in the air off the concrete between the wall and the foul line, like I said it was a weird layout.

Dad half stood and leaned over elbowing Mom in the head reaching over her and one handing the ball above my head.

He kept it on an ashtray on his desk, I’ve got it now. Very cool memory.

Looks like I forgot the part about giving the ball to my son. Thats what I get for posting so early in the morning.

That was very cool of them to send that ball. Does your boy still have it?

2 stories:
This year I took my family to the Lakewood Blue claws single A. We were sitting just behind the visitors dugout.
I had been loudly cheering the Lake County Captains and lightly razzing the Blue Claws for some very dumb running errors.
The Lake County Captain’s 3rd baseman handed the 3rd out of the 3rd inning to my 5 year old son. He was thrilled. Not bad for a 5th game.

Now the near miss:
I took 3 friends to the Yankee-Oakland Playoff game and my one friend brought his glove.
For some reason we were making running jokes about how nothing ruins the game like the friend that brings his mitt. We were sitting about 7 rows behind the visitor dugout. Early in the game, the left fielder tosses the ball into the stands, right at my friend with the glove who proceeds to deflect it about 3 rows. We start razzing him, the people next to us, in front of him, behind him and 3 sections over start razzing him. He was immediately renamed ** StoneHands **.
Later in the game, the Yanks are winning, the crowd is very happy, my friend StoneHands is now hungry and calls to the Peanut vendor to toss him a bag. The vendor short tosses to a lady, the lady recognizing StoneHands says “Try not to drop this, maybe your friend should catch it instead”. She ends up making a perfect pass to my brother who hands it off to StoneHands. StoneHands manages to drop the hand off, followed by a very loud derisive cheer.

It was loud enough that I saw both the Ball Boy and Yankee’s 3rd Base Coach Willie Randolph look over to see what was happening.

First off, congrats Scruloose. There’s nothing quite like catching a foul ball.

Back in 1999 I saw a Mets/Cubs game at Wrigley. I brought my girlfriend & had superb seats right behind the home dugout. I told her that it was a dream of mine to catch a foul ball & give it to a kid sitting next to me. Of course, I was thinking all along that I don’t know if I’d ever be able to do that, seeing how I’ve never caught a foul ball. Wouldn’t ya know it, a softly hit foul ball skips right over the dugout into my waiting hands. I think I surprised myself as much as the little kid sitting next to me when I gave him the ball. I told him now that I (a Mets fan) gave him the ball, he’d have to root for the Mets for the rest of the game. He did too…it was pretty cute. The game went into extras (14 innings, IIRC) and I think the good karma produced by my converted Mets fan had something to do with it. :slight_smile:

Just a few weeks ago I took in a game at my hometown minor league team (The Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic league) and as I was walking into the park, a foul ball bounced right in front of me. It bounced back and smacked into a parked car. I nabbed that one, although the thought crossed my mind to give it to whoever owned that car. I keep it on my desk here at work.

Now there’s a coincidence - my family was at a Seadogs game a few weeks ago when we were on vacation - and we got a foul ball too! Not as nice a story, though. There were about 30 of us (extended family), including several children, and my sister holding her baby (just under 1 year old). A ball comes flying up - right at my sister! My sister twists to protect the baby, and gets whacked on the hip with the ball! It bounces down to the next row, and my brother grabs it. There was an usher there immediately to check that everything was alright - and it was. The funny thing is, my sister’s husband had warned her to watch the baby, after another ball had fouled up in the section next to ours. He wasn’t there when it actually happened to her, though - he was taking one of their other children.

We ended up with the ball, and a big bruise on my sister’s hip.



2001 World Series; Game 5 - Yankees vs. D-Backs. Yeah, that series, *that *game (the second of the two that when into extra innings when the Yanks hit a homer off Kim in the bottom of the ninth…)

BP before the game, Paul O’Neill - Paulie!! - hits a solid homer to the short porch in right - right to me. I am freaked - no clue what to do, clearly no mitt - so I just try to catch it. It was coming hard - still rising and spinning furiously. It smacked my palm and bounced down a level.

Yes, folks - I got booed at Yankee Stadium.

My buddy - who brought me and has a ton more baseball experience as a player and fan - turns to me and says “you should’ve whipped off your cap and used it as a mitt.” Well, gee, thanks for mentioning that now!


That’s awesome - and that would be a tough choice, I’d think, to give your first foul ball to a kid you didn’t know. You must have made him the happiest kid in Wrigley that night.

Small world, eh? We went to a Seadogs game a few weeks ago, in the same front row seats, with our 1 year old daughter and our son. The usher kept coming by before the game telling us to be extra careful because line drives always scream towards this part of the park, and the netting on the rail doesn’t do much to stop them. So this last time we found a sitter for her; I wasn’t gonna make that mistake twice.

Hadlock Field is quite a nice place - not a bad seat in the house.

That is huge bummer.

Maybe with Seadogs should consider changing their name to the Seasills (Cecils–get it?)

Minor league ushers are incredibly fast! The first foul ball I ever almost caught was also at a Red baron’s game, many years ago. I was in the upper deck, first base side. Up comes what looked like a lazy foul ball so I stand up to catch it. Let me tell you, I learned all about backspin that night. There was so much backspin that the lazy arc it was taking turned into a screaming line drive that bent my thumb back to my wrist. The ball bounced a few rows back, and as I looked at my numb swollen thumb, waiting for the pain to hit, the ushers and an EMT were upon me asking if I was OK. When they escorted me for x-rays (no break, just a severe sprain, splint for a week), some guy handed me the ball. “Here, you paid the price for it.”

It’s on my desk at work. The boy’s ball is put away until he’s old enough not to feed it to the dog.