Baseball Rules ?

Have what I feel is an interesting scenario that came up in my head while watching my horns play in the college world series today.

Our 3rd baseman is also our best closer. Can the following scenario take place?

Street (our closer) comes in from third to get the first out of the 9th. Then another pitcher comes in and street goes back to third. The second pitcher gets an out. Then can Street come back in to pitch from 3rd base to get the last out of the inning.

I figure he can since he never truly left the game just changed positioned. However I cannot find anything about this scenario so does anyone out there know.

Does it matter if it’s college or pro ball?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but why would your best closer go back to third for the 2nd out in the ninth inning?

Aha…Rule 3.02.


Here’s a box score where it happened:

Look at Jesse Orosco’s line, and the play by play in the extra innings.

I wasn’t aware of Rule 3.02 but I do know that a picture can resume pitching duties as long as he was not substituted out so I believe your situation was legal.

Pitchers often only pitch to one or two batters. Maybe the 2nd batter had a very good history against that pitcher, very good against righties, etc.