Baseball stats: what does HS stand for

CBS sports page of baseball stats has a column headed HS.’s stats page has no such category. What the hell does CBS sports think “HS” stands for? There is no explanation on the page. Padre Wil Myers is currently leading the leagues with 11 HS. Myers now has 11 extra base hits, is it some weird shorthand for that? and Wikipedia are also less than helpful in answering this question. Hm.

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**HS **stands for Hitting Streak. Wil Myers has had a hit in 11 consecutive games, between April 9 against SF through yesterday Arizona.

I just occurred to me that it might meann “hits into the shift”, since all the MLB managers, as thehy always do, are playing follow the leader, and is now being entered as an official state. Are you sure it means “hitting streak”, or was that a guess?

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Current MLB hitting streaks.

It’s definitely hitting streak, although it’s weird that I can’t find a key for those abbreviations at CBS.

Absolutely positive.

Or it could mean Humiliating Strikeouts - the ones where you swing and miss, spin around, lose your balance and nearly fall down.

I think Adam Dunn still holds the season record.

HS stands for how many times you benefited from a Horse Shit call. Like when C.B. Bucknor is calling balls and strikes.

Or the late Eric Gregg

Only because they don’t keep that particular stat for pitchers when they hit, because pitchers batting is nearly always embarrassing. Bartolo Colon is the all-time HS leader.

Amusingly, in the games played last night in AL stadiums, DHs drove in eight runs.

Pitchers, in the games played last night in NL stadiums, drove in seven.

“You could look it up”