baseball term "can of corn"

where did the baseball term "can of corn"come from

According to the ‘official’ Major League Baseball website, a ‘can of corn’ is ‘an easy catch made by a fielder.’ Try:

As to where it came from, I dunno. One story has it that the term refers to the practice of grocers (many years ago) of storing canned goods on high shelves. A customer who wanted canned corn would have the treat of watching the grocer prodding loose a can of the stuff with a long stick and catching it as it fell. An easy catch, I suppose, although I’m wondering what happened to the long stick during this whole thing.

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TBone’s answer and three other possible orgins can be found here (scroll down).

Most sites I’ve found seem to favor TBone’s explanation.

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An easy catch, and also a one-handed (and left-handed) catch. The stick stayed in the right hand while the left was used to pluck the can from midair. Alternately, both hands could be used to make the catch, in which cases the stick is dropped and lands painfully on the toe.

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I don’t know why fortune smiles on some and lets the rest go free…


I too have read (somewhere – I really gotta start remembering all my cite sources) the “canned goods on a high shelf” explanation. I assume the alliterative quality of “can-o-corn” chose this particular veggie to become enshrined in the lexicon.

“Popped up on the infield grass. Looks like a can of asparagus spears!”

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