Baseball trivia, here's a challenge

I’m looking for the name of a major league player who played in the early 80s–I don’t know how long, or what position. He was a twin and his last name started with a Q.

How can I find out this name?

That honestly isn’t that much to go on, but the fact that his last name started with a Q helps tremendously, as that’s rather uncommon. My suggestion would be to go here and see if you can’t ferret him out from that list.

Do you mean he was a twin, or played for the Twins?

There are only four players with names starting with a Q who were active in the early 1980s.

Luis Quinones
Rey Quinones
Jamie Quirk
Dan Quisenberry

The only “Q” guy I can think of who was affiliated with the Twins was Frank Quilici, who played for the in the 60s and managed the in the 70s.

I mean he had a twin (who did not play baseball, or at least, not at ML level).

Thanks! Four Q names may help. (Now to determine if any of them were twins.)

None of the four are listed as having a brother in baseball, FWIW, and the two Quinones don’t appear to be related.

The best-known player of that general period who had a less-talented twin brother was Jose Canseco (Ozzie Canseco did make the majors briefly, but as a PR stunt, not on merit). Are you sure about the Q?

Not that it’s a deal-breaking list or anything, but Wikipedia’s list of famous twins (and famous people with twins) does not have one set with a last name starting with Q.

How does that Sesame Street song go…something like “here is a question, a question for you. Remember the answer will start with a Q”?