Sports figures with appropriate names

I’m pretty sure we’ve done this in the past, but I thought maybe it’s high time to do it again. I’m currently watching the Lions game, and one of the few bright spots in their season so far has been new running back D’Andre Swift, who is indeed quite swift.

The Green Bay Packers used to have kicker Ryan Longwell. And of course there was Usain Bolt.

Who else? Currently playing preferred, but retired is acceptable as well.

Usain Bolt.

A few who come to mind:

  • Jim Breech was an NFL kicker from 1979-1992; a “breech baby” enters the world foot-first.
  • Steve Swisher (catcher) and his son Nick (outfielder) both played in MLB; Nick struck out (“swished”) more often than his father did.

Tiger Woods.

400m hurdle WR holder Marina Stepanova

Baseball pitcher Chief Bender, who played in the early 20th century, was one of the pitchers who perfected the “slider” pitch, which is a form of breaking ball, or “bender.”

That is a nice one!

Rollie Fingers, Brad Hand.

Homer Bailey, a not-so-great pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and other teams.

This is an amusing one because he’s a baseball player with the last name Homer, but as a pitcher, even in the National League, I doubt he had many, if any homers (don’t feel like looking it up at all right now).

Reminds me of Cecil Fielder, another somewhat appropriate but slightly ironic baseball name. He did play1st base for the Tigers, but he was much more known for his power hitting than his fielding.

Grant Balfour, a former MLB pitcher with several teams. Issued 252 bases on balls.

And, his son, Prince Fielder; also a first baseman, also more of a slugger than a fielder.

Another great one.

Also a good call!

I’m sure I’ve seen MLB players named Hu and Watt, though I’m not sure what field positions they played, and I don’t think there’s been an Idono.

I’ve seen this picture repeatedly over the past few years, usually with the caption “Well, it’s finally happened!” It appears to be Chin-lung Hu, a Taiwanese infielder who played several seasons for the Dodgers and Mets. Alas, he played second base and shortstop, not first. :smiley:

Don’t forget, of course, Bob Walk, who walked 606 batters in his career.

Vic Power hit 126 home runs in his career.

Carl Long - silver medallist at the 1936 Olympics in the Long Jump.

Dale Long set a record for hitting home runs in 8 consecutive games in 1956. He was 6’ 4" tall.

Green Bay also had wide receiver Donald Driver.

Nathan Leeper was a US Olympic high jumper.
James Jett was mostly known as a wide receiver in US football. He and his sister, Keisha, were also top class sprinters. He won Olympic gold in the 4x1 relay in 1992.