Most/least apt sports names

Ryan Longwell is the perfect name for an NFL kicker who is 22 out of 36 on field goals of 50+ yards for his career.

Grant Balfour is also pretty apt for a MLB pitcher who has walked 4.7 batters/9 innings in his career. Bob Walk on the other hand only gave up 3.3 walks/9.

A few years ago there was a football player on the Oregon Ducks team named Mallard.

I also thought “Losman” wasn’t a great name for a QB, but it turned out to be correct enough.

It’s not an individual name, but the WHA hockey team in St Paul, MN was called the Minnesota Fighting Saints. I always thought that a strange combination.

Fewer names could be more apt for a cornerback than Reggie Corner.

Steve Shields the Hockey goaltender is one of my faves.

I guess Cecil Fielder wasn’t much of a fielder.

Nor did Cecil Espy ever win an ESPY…

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle is a bearded, barrel-chested sport hunter.
Junior Seau was a hard-hitting linebacker in the NFL.

Nor is his son.

The Utah Jazz is pretty inappropriate.

LA Lakers also. (Both teams were transplants from places–New Orleans and Minneapolis–where the names fit. Why they didn’t adopt a new one beats me.)

Quentin Jammer is a pretty good cornerback.

Steve Swisher and his son Nick both struck out a fair amount, I think. :wink:

Dick Butkus kissed butt for no one. :smiley:

Reggie Cleveland, sadly, never played for Cleveland. Darryl Boston never played for Boston. Martin St. Louis does not pay for St. Louis. A shame, really.

I am pleased to note that Angel Moreno played for the Angels.

Tedy Bruschi should have played for the Packers (as “brewski” is a common term for a beer in Wisconsin).

There are several NFL players with the last name “Stonebreaker,” which is an awesome name for either a football player or a dwarf.

There used to be an offensive lineman in the Canadian Football League with the last name of Bonk.

I have nothing against the guy, but “Sage Rosenfels” sounds to me like a chick who wears Che t-shirts and plays the Appalachian dulcimer, not an NFL quarterback.

In the English County Championship, Nick Derbyshire played for Essex and Lancashire, but not for Derbyshire. And John Hampshire played for Derbyshire (and Leicestershire and Yorkshire) but not Hampshire. But Oswald Lancashire did indeed play for Lancashire.

Unless it’s Quentin Jammer.

The Browns used to have a receiver named Fair Hooker.
Dave Philley played for a lot of baseball teams, thankfully including the Phillies.

The Buffalo Sabres hockey team once had a defensive pair named Larry Playfair and Lindy Ruff.

Not sure why, but this post made me laugh for a good five minutes. Probably because I was picturing a football-playing dwarf.

1950s Quarterback Willie Thrower.
F1/NASCAR driver Scott Speed
1980s NFL player Cleveland Pittsburgh Crosby played for the Baltimore Colts.