Sports figures with appropriate names

Neal Ball in MLB, famous for grabbing a ball on a line drive and getting an unassisted triple play with it, the first in MLB history.

I believe he was teammates with Josh Outman.

A few years back, the Ottawa RedBlacks in the Canadian Football League has a player named Armageddon, which when I first heard him announced in a pre-season game, figured I must have misheard. But it seems like the perfect name for a football player.

Alas, he got cut.

The Yankees had a prospect named Janson Junk, which is a cool name for a pitcher, but I guess they didn’t think too highly of him since they traded him to the Angels for Andrew Heaney.

Jeff Feagles once played for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here are a couple that became sports figures, but their parents may have thought they would be in a different profession:

Lawyer Milloy
Jakobi Meyers

The Detroit Lions had a mediocre quarterback in the 1980s named Chuck Long; at that time, I was in a Strat-o-Matic Football league (a tabletop sports simulation game), and the league members nicknamed him “Chuck ‘I Can’t Throw’ Long.” :smiley:

MLB catcher Matt Batts

Josh Outman, a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, Colorado Rockies, Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees, got 823 batters out during his 7-year major league career.

Speaking of the CFL, there was a star lineman for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the '70s and '80s named John Bonk. As a blocker, I am certain that he bonked* into many opponents over his career.

*- “struck with force,” not “had sex with.” Important distinction!

Israel’s first ever Olympic gold medalist was windsurfer Gal Friedman. “Gal” is Hebrew for wave.

I was just at the Baseball Hall of Fame last week, and had to watch the video of “Who’s on First”.

Thomas Diamond - He played four MLB games for the Chicago Cubs in 2010.

NBA legend Tim Duncan (dunking)

“Bonking” is also a bicycling term for running out of glycogen during a long ride. Marathoners call it “hitting the wall”.

PGATour Golfers Chip Beck, Jason Dufner.

Has anyone mentioned pro golfer Gary Player?

Several NFL players have the last name Wilson. Including Russel Wilson. The name is also on every football.

An Opposite: Scott Speed washed right out of Formula One

Al Kaline, Detroit Tigers.
The only true BASE ball player who ever played.

Great baseball player and good color commentary guy too. I enjoyed the Tigers announcer team of George Brett and Al Kaline back in the day.

It took me awhile though to figure out how “Al Kaline” was an appropriate baseball name. I think I finally figured it out. Let me show my math, and tell me if I’m right:

First I thought “K-line?” but I couldn’t figure out what that had to do with baseball.

Then I thought, "well his name spells ‘alkaline’, but what would that have to do with…

ooohhh, waitaminute, an alkaline is a BASE!"

Did everybody else get it right away and I’m just slow?

But has been doing very well in Rallycross and Stadium Super Truck racing for a number of years. On the other hand, he had a short and unproductive NASCAR career too.