Sports Names

Today’s XKCD is about athletes whose names are the same as a common element of the sport they play. Only a few of them are real (Margaret Court, Gary Player, and Lonzo Ball). I’m sure we can come up with some more real ones.

To start, how about Bob Walk, former pitcher for the Phillies, Braves, and Pirates?

Any others?

Usain Bolt-Sprinter
Marina Stepanova-Hurdler
Cecil Fielder-Baseball
Thomas Diamond-Baseball
Chuck Long-Football quarterback
Willie Thrower-Football quarterback
More here.

The more here link lists two that I would have included:
Nathan Leeper – US high jumper
James Jett (and his sister Keisha) – US sprinter

On the “not doing so well in my sport” side:

Grant Balfour (baseball pitcher)
Steve Swisher, and his son Nick Swisher (baseball catcher and outfielder, respectively)

Too bad they didn’t play basketball.

Mac Speedie (football receiver)

Alas, though Jim Kiick, and his father George, both played in the NFL, neither of them were kickers.

And, alas, though he ran the ball, and caught the ball, Patrick Pass never threw a pass in the NFL.

James also had a long career as an NFL wide receiver – not surprisingly, he played for the Raiders, who have a history of going for receivers with incredible speed but rather ordinary hands. :slight_smile:

Jake Ball plays cricket for England.

Will Power is an Indycar driver.
Scott Speed is a race car driver - Nascar, Indy, Rally, sports car, etc.

Vic Power was a ballplayer.

There have been a number of players named Homer, though none were good at hitting homers.

Pitcher Craig Dingman gave up 13 career dingers.

God Shammgod, former NBA basketball player. Too bad he wasn’t God Slammgod

Derek Jeter - Baseball

Jeter (Jzeh-TEH) is the French verb “to throw.”

Powerlifter Magnus Ver Magnusson won the title of World’s Strongest Man four times.

Jonathan Quick - LA Kings goalie.

I was considering starting a similar thread but never got around to it.

My idea was to list players who had names similar to their teams’. For example, Johnny Podres finished his career with the San Diego Padres. Jose Cardenal spent a couple years with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Nobody mentioned Tiger Woods, who shares a name with his clubs?

Alan Ball played for England in the 1966 World Cup final.

Eric Plunk was a MLB pitcher. He hit 32 batters in his career.