how many ways is there to get on base without hitting the ball?

Six. But two of them are really really unlikely, so spend some more time at the batting cage. :slight_smile:

(Is this in the archives? I know it was answered in book one.)

what are the six ways? walk, hit by pitch, stikeout with a passed ball,

Yep. In the archives. And there are six ways.

Thank you I got it

And I thank you.
Baseball’s such a wierd game.

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  1. base hit
  2. walk
  3. hit by pitch
  4. In the ninth inning, with two strikes, the catcher drops the ball. You can run for the base then (I think this is how it goes)
  5. balk
  6. and uh . . .catcher interference?

theuglytruth, situation #4 in your list is a passed ball, and refers to situation in which the catcher drops strike three, not just the ninth inning. This is why you so often see catchers bobble a strike at the plate, then quickly reach out and tag the batter as he begins to trot away.

He’s just remembering the most famous instance of this. (Can you say “Mickey Owen”?)

It’s actually any dropped third strike, with less than two outs, if no one is on first base. If two outs, even if someone is on first base. I always tagged the batter if the ball bounced before it got to me, even if I caught it cleanly. I don’t know the rule on that situation, but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.