How to get on first base

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Revisited how to reach first base safely. Ummm fielders choice and runner interference were not listed. Shouldn’t they be included?

Hey Cecil, how about this? 1. Hit 2. Walk 3. Hit by Pitch 4. Fielder’s Choice 5. Reached on Error (includes MLB Official Rule 7.05 i) 6. Dropped Third Strike 7. Catcher’s Interference (hindering the batter while in the batter’s box) 8. Fielder’s Obstruction (hindering the batter while he is running to first base) 9. Going in as a Pinch Runner (most often in the late innings)
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The question relates to the five ways of reaching first base WITHOUT hitting the ball, which eliminates 1,4,5, and 8, and brings the number back down to 5.

Couldn’t Fielder’s Obstruction happen on a dropped 3rd strike?

Yes, but the *reason *the advance to first was allowed would be the drop, not the obstruction. In other words, the batter became eligible to run because of the dropped strike - the interference guarantees the base (I assume) but this probably can’t count as an independent way to reach first without a hit.

Or, IMO not a way to reach first in itself because it requires one of the five others to happen.

I vaguely recall that recently someone had 4 runs with 0 hits - but my guess is those were all intentional walks. I think I have seen all of these, except Catcher Interference. Any one have a MLB example of this happening recently?

You may be thinking of Bryce Harper, who scored four times in a game without getting a hit (or even swinging the bat!)

Yep! Thanks - I remember it being crazy, but not even swinging!

Large amounts of gin usually works.

Just step up to the plate, don’t address your balls, signal your intentions, look directly in the eyes, and don’t swing at any other misses. If it’s a good play, and you hit it off, you have a chance.