Basektball - how do you guard somone two feet taller than you?

Like this!

5’6" Becky Hammon guarding 7’2" Margo Dydek.


I thought the answer was going to be ‘with a firearm.’

Wow. They look like they’re two different species.

Still, I guess she’s doing as well as she can. Box her out, and stay wide. Hope she gets an over the back foul.

That is crazy. shakes head I didn’t know women could come that big. :eek:

Ya just can’t mix 1/48 and 1/32!

Hehehe - I liked that one.

Have y’all seen this one from this year’s ESPY awards?

Jennie Finch on the left and on the right is Danica Patrick. Finch is a softball pitcher and Patrick is a race car driver. Finch is somewhere around 6 feet tall. I knew Patrick was small, but I had no idea she was that short! Apparently, she’s just a shade over 5 feet tall. (strange, it seems to be much more difficult to locate heights and weights for female athletes than it does males :wink: ).

I don’t get it.

I was leaning towards the “kick them in the junk” end of the spectrum, myself.

It’s from modeling. Ya know, model planes, armor et al. Two common scales are 1/48 and 1/32. If you took two model figures of each scale and placed them next to each other they’d look just like that pic.


Jennie Finch is 6 feet tall and a hottie!!! I gotta get to more women’s softball games…

…said the 6’4" snowboarder…

Wow, it’s just like when Inigo fought Fezzik!

I just want to echo what Trunk said. The players are positioning for a rebound, and Hammon must have been put in the unusual situation of being the only one close enough to attempt to box out Dydek. That takes some guts!

In terms of actual defense, you can’t practically expect a straight (wo)man to (wo)man defense between these two players, but it is interesting to watch when someone like 5’5" Earl Boykins hits the court and has to defend against guards that are a foot (or more) taller than he. Most times all you can do is try to keep your man from posting up while using your speed advantage to generate a steal. And pray your defensive rotations are clicking on all cylinders.

When I went to high school outside of Boston, Patrick Ewing was playing at Cambridge R&L, in our league. We had guys who were 6’ 4" but he was already 7’+. In practice, we had guys running around holding a broom up to simulate where his hands would be if you were trying to shoot over him.

And Inigo never fought Fezzik, you must mean Westley, The Dread Pirate Roberts.

I like how Margo looks kind of bored in that photo.

Becky Hammon is a badass. She’s cute, too. Just like Sue Bird, who, despite having her nose broken for the second time earlier this season, is out there playing full-out basketball. I love the WNBA.

I’ve been to many a women’s and co-ed softball game. 99.987% of them don’t look like that. Trust me.


Boxing out is boxing out. :slight_smile: