Top five hottest female athletes

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Caroline Wozniacki is my current #1 hottest female athlete, plus she’s really good at her sport.

Is the list “hottest” or “most beautiful”? The two are not the same.

If it’s supposed to be “hottest”, the absence of Serena Williams causes it to lose all credibility.

Any body who thinks Anna Kournakouva is hotter than Maria Sharapova instantly loses all credibility.

Strongly seconded.

I vow that I will make her mine.

Shouldn’t there be some Korean figure skaters in there?

This list isn’t so much “Hottest Female Athletes” as it is “Female Athletes With Revealing Photos That Were The Most Easily Found On The Internet.”

Well, for once it isn’t mostly unattractive women, but these are by far not the hottest athletes. I’ve seen hotter athletes back in high school. All but the last one look pretty much the same, and looking the same is not hot.

More is pretty hot, though, for her body type. IF she were shorter, she’d look like the aforementioned high school athletes.

she barely qualified as an athlete when she was playing. by now, she’s definitely not one anymore. i don’t like beard’s face, but her body is slamming. the beach volleyballers are cute but… i don’t know about all-world status. all-in-all this list is shite. snowboarders/skiers and ice skaters/dancers should dominate this list.

I have always thought that the Russian Yelena Isinbayeva is one of the hottest, as well as being a world champion pole vaulter

Here ya go! No Marrissa Miller, though. Huge oversight.

Anna Kournikova was at one time the 8th ranked women’s tennis player on earth. She was a tennis prodigy and a junior world champion, and beat a lot of pretty good pros. She made the semis at Wimbledon her first time there. She’s a doubles champion at the Australian Open twice.

While her celebrity exceeded her accomplishments as a tennis player - especially after she wrecked her back and couldn’t play elite tennis anymore, but remained popular - she was by any reasonable measure one hell of a professional athlete. If you put her up against the pros at your local tennis club today, she’d destroy them.

Indeed. Doesn’t have Jess Ennis in the list, for a start, and she’s actually at the top of her sport.

I endorse this view.

Exactly. The pictures are random, small, not flattering, and only one picture apiece? A lazy fluff article.

I must protest the presence of not one but two beach volleyball players. Sure, they’ve all got great bodies, but they’ve also all got the face of a forty-year-old. A forty-year-old who hasn’t aged well. Not that you can tell in those tiny pictures they posted. Heck, all you can tell in those tiny pictures is that they’re in sexy poses and that they’re not wearing much.

Yeah…definitely not the hottest. Lindsey Vonn is hotter than everyone on this list and likely would have a hard time making a real top 5.

Any list without Maria Sharapova is simply incorrect.

The filthy, filthy thoughts I have about her…


I think the site just lets users post their own top-ten lists, and thats whats being liked to. So its not really an ‘article’ in the usual sense.