Olympics: Most attractive gold medalists

The internet is filled with photos of very hot Olympians. Most of these will come nowhere close to winning a medal, let alone a gold. So of the individual or pair events, who are the most attractive ones to win gold?

I was pretty entranced by Zhang Xi, the Chinese beach volleyball player, last night.

Synchronized swimmers as a whole are gorgeous. They’re very fit, but they don’t have those big linebacker shoulders and thick necks like the other swimmers.

Did Steph Rice (Aussie swimmer) manage a gold - or even a medal - in one of the relays. She didn’t have a great competition individually but won a load of medals in 2008.

Anyway - on point - she is hot.

Also - the Dutch are currently playing NZ at women’s hockey. Several of the Dutch team are excellent. They also seem to be quite good at hockey.

This is the second thread in about 5 minutes where I’ve corrected you, so please don’t feel I’m bagging on you. It’s a coincidence. :slight_smile:

Zhang Xi has not won an Olympic gold medal and does not meet the OP’s requirements, does she?

Heh, I just noticed that distinction in the OP before reopening this.

Have they won the gold medal yet? I was trying to exclude the team sports, but I guess we can waive that restriction.

I’ll go with Kerri Walsh (among beach volleyball players at least), thankyouverymuch.

Shouldn’t there be dozens of Brits coming out to scream “Jess Ennis!” right now? Anyways, I can totally get on that bandwagon.

I don’t think she won the gold yet.

The OP doesn’t say anything about the gold medal having been in the 2012 Olympics.

What about Victoria Pendleton?

Indeed. She sure doesn’t look like a shot-putter to me.

:smack: You’re right. I meant to confine this to the 2012 Summer Games.

What inspired this thread was that a friend and I noticed that we hadn’t seen any good looking champions at this year’s Olympics. My theory was that we watch American TV broadcasts which primarily focus on our own athletes, so we may missing the good looking ones. While we’ve sent a very talented team this year, it just isn’t a very pretty team. His theory was that good looking people can’t win because their active social lives prevent them from training enough to be the best. Keep in mind that this wasn’t a serious conversation and we were just messing around.

In case you plan on watching later, I’ve spoilered my first selection:

Allyson Felix

Great body, but she’s just “British pretty.”

In case I don’t come back to this thread tomorrow, Alex Morgan.

That’s an interesting perspective.

how 'bout now?

misty may has a young karen allen look.

After a quick Google Image Search in the name of research, I can say that she holds up better in some pics than others. That one you linked is a really good one.

Ennis does have a strong nose - more obvious when her hair is down, in particular - but I think it’s still well within the realm of “adds character”. Mostly, though, she has an absolutely killer smile to go with that body.

As for Ms. Morgan, she is very good looking, but she is also… hmm, not really a polite way to say this… unfortunately flat-chested even by the standards of female athletes with really low body fat percentages.

Next time, in “criticisms and rankings of women that are better looking than 99% of the people we will ever meet”…

(And where are the ladies of the Dope? Equal opportunity, let’s get some swimmers and water polo players out here, already!)