One of the hottest damn things I've ever seen

The US women won gold in Beach Volleyball. Immediatly they embraced and then one spanked the other, followed by them rolling around in the sand.
Grrrraaawwwrrrrrr! :wink:

I’ll never view beach volleyball the same again.
off to try to cool off

Oh man, I’d love to rush that net and spike it, if you know what I mean.

No. Hot is watching Alexandre Despatie shake the water from his hair after a dive.

I know he’s only 19 but he’s gorgeous . Right down to the dimples. :smiley:

I found the women’s wrestling pretty hot.

Y’know, the fact that anyone, anywhere, finds Olympic wrestlers “hot” is probably one of the signs of the coming Apocalypse.

Actually, I only wish I could say the same about the men’s side. But if you decked out Rulon Gardner in a tux and top hat and put him in the limelight, he’d be a dead ringer for Peter Boyle’s turn as Frankenstein’s Monster.

“Hot?” Er, no. Put puttin’ on the ritz, definitely. :wink:

Puunnin on the Riiiiz!

Sophistiscated man about town.

That Russian pole vaulting woman is pretty hot. I mean, damn, look at that ass!

Speaking of pretty little tushies, I have to admit to the perversion of enjoying those limber Romanian gymnasts. Darn that age thing! Making me feel bad for them being sexy…

I’m going to hell.

I was watching the volleyball finals while on the phone with my best friend, and I said, “Straight men around the world have just popped wood!” and described the same scene as the OP. Though I am a straight woman, I totally understand where duffer is coming from. That horizontal full-body embrace of two sweaty women in bikinis rolllllling in the sand, a man would have to be made of stone not to take note.

Oh good God. :dubious:

Yes, I saw it. I was at the gym, and every guy in there stopped and were all gawking, drooling and “yeah babying” the TV in front of the stairbastards.

I love men. I really do. But you guys are SO damn adolescent sometimes. :smiley:

Hmmm…didn’t affect the guys at my gym at all.

Oh, that’s right, it’s in Chelsea :smiley:


Couldn’t have said it any better. :wink:

Dirty old man! :smiley:
I’m a straight female but am I alone in thinking female pole vaulters have jolly good bodies?

I keep insisting that being 31 I’m an old man. Either way, that was some hot action. At least it was something to think of until I see **calm kiwi ** in a bikini. :wink:

Bugger! It turns out I’m a dirty old woman! I beat you my 5 years. You can now be a lusty young chap at your leisure.

Bikini! Bikini! I’ts winter! Kiwis don’t like to freeze :slight_smile:

You’ll always be a “10” in my eyes. No matter how young I may be, you’re always the standard for bikini-wearers. :smiley:

:eek: Did you not see that it is winter!

You young men know nothing. :slight_smile:

We know how to keep you warm. :wink:

Duffer I believe you may be a floozy.


Here is the sexy, sexy, homoerotic pic.

I knew what this thread was about before I even opened it. :smiley:

I didn’t see that, but I did see a picture of them lying on top of each other right after the last point. Pleasant dreams, everyone. :smiley:

I’m a straight girl and that’s hot.

Mayhap I am not so straight. :slight_smile: